The Ultimate Moving House Checklist: A Guide on Things To Check Off When Moving Home


Moving home becomes so much easier when you have a plan in place.

Not to mention it can be a good opportunity for you to find out how many of the items you own you actually use.

If you want to be sure you don’t forget important items behind, or you leave without doing all the necessary paperwork, take advantage of a moving checklist that will make the process pain-free.

We created this 67 points moving house checklist that starts 7 weeks before you start moving, because you have so much to do, and there is no reason to stress yourself out like a student on the night before the exam.

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7 Weeks Before Moving House - Research House Removals Companies and Self Storage Facilities

  1. Research moving companies like and Self-Storage. Ask for recommendations from friends and family.
  2. Conduct online research on what you need to know before you work with a company that will help you move all of your belongings. Find out how you can protect your valuable items.
  3. Look for reviews when it comes doctors, banks, hairdresser, etc. Contact each one of the service providers and ask them about their rates.
  4. If you have children in school, look for a new school and transfer their records.
  5. Buy a small notebook to help you keep track of all your to-do lists, paperwork, and important phone numbers.

6 Weeks Before Moving House - Create Inventory and Sort Paperwork

moving inventory
  1. Contact at least two moving and self-storage companies and ask for estimates.
  2. Put all of your paperwork in one folder.
  3. Create an inventory for all of your belongings.
  4. In your moving notebook, write down all the steps you need to change your address, and put aside a few minutes every day to make some phone calls.
  5. Change the address where your online orders will be shipped.
  6. Start cleaning your cabinets and closets, and arrange all of your items into three piles: broken items, items that can be donated, and those that are in a good shape and can still be used.
  7. Put items that you use only during certain seasons in different boxes and label them.

5 Weeks Before Moving House - Start Decluttering Your Home

declutter your home
  1. Be wise about grocery shopping. Don’t buy too much food that will stay in the refrigerator. Make sure you cook all your frozen food before you go.
  2. Start decluttering your house. Hold a garage sale or sell some belongings you don’t need on websites such as eBay and Craigslist to cover some of your moving expenses.
  3. Choose a removals company and ask them what additional services they cover. If you’re looking for a nationwide removals company, check out We-Care Removals to see if they cover your area.
  4. You may want to hire out your own van, if that’s the case, make sure to get van insurance.
  5. Start cleaning the garden and shed, and set up a day for cleaning the whole house as well.
  6. Check with insurance, gas, and electricity companies about the steps you need to take when you change your address.
  7. Check if all of your furniture and rugs will fit well in the new house. Look online for new furniture and home decor if you need to as well.
  8. Reach out to a friend if you need help moving.
  9. Contact your doctor if you suffer from a condition that needs constant medication.
  10. Make a list with all of the moving supplies you need, including boxes, tape, special boxes for fragile items, etc.
  11. Label each box by room and contents.
  12. Cancel any subscriptions to magazines and newspapers, as well as any local services you may be using.

4 Weeks Before Moving House - Take Photos of Your Home for Evidence

take photos home
  1. Change your address officially before the move.
  2. Speak with your employer about your move and ask for at least two days off.
  3. Look over the contract signed with the company that is helping you move and make sure you have an insurance in place for everything incase something breaks or gets lost during the move.
  4. Take photos of your furniture and belongings that can potentially end up scratched during the move. In case your items get damaged, the photos will serve as proof.
  5. Email your friends the new address you’re moving to.
  6. Buy a map of the new place or download the map on your smartphone and label all the important stores, hospitals, etc.

3 Weeks Before Moving House - Start Packing Seriously

  1. Contact a babysitter if you have children. You’ll need that extra hand during the move.
  2. Clean and defrost your freezers before the move.
  3. Withdraw enough money in case you will travel to areas with no ATM machines.
  4. Book a motel or a hotel room in case you need to stop on your way. Check online reviews first for safety and cleanliness, or ask a few friends for recommendations.
  5. Serviced apartments are an excellent accommodation option for those between homes. If you’re looking for the right serviced apartment for you in terms of size, location and budget, check out SilverDoor Apartments.
  6. Ask one of your friends and family to help you out if you have a pet, or consider hiring a specialist.
  7. Return borrowed books or movies.
  8. Start packing seriously. Look for items you rarely use, and get rid of them.
  9. Check to see if your pipes are clogged.
  10. Ask your real estate agent or the previous owner of your new house about when you can meet with them to take the keys.

2 Weeks Before Moving House - Moving Essentials

moving essentials
  1. Double-check if you paid all of your bills and if you canceled all of the local subscriptions.
  2. Hold a small goodbye party if you have too much frozen food left in your freezer.
  3. Get rid of all of the items that can’t be taken with you (e.g., flammable chemicals).
  4. Save everything on your laptop or computer on the cloud.
  5. Make sure your new place has all utility bills paid before the move.
  6. Look through your boxes and find out whether you have belongings that you could donate, sell, or throw away. You may not have space in your new house.
  7. Make sure you packed all the essentials for the move.
  8. Call the moving company for any last-minute changes and re-confirm the moving date.
  9. Schedule a cleaning day with your friends or family. If you don’t have time, hire a company to leave the house sparkling.

1 Week Before Moving House - Begin Dismantling Furniture

dismantle furniture
  1. Make sure the utilities aren’t running anymore. Also, check with utility companies again and ask about your new place.
  2. I think now is the time to start dismantling furniture that is not absolutely necessary.
  3. Pack some comfortable clothes for moving
  4. Check the weather for moving day.
  5. Put all of your documents in a folder. If you have a small wooden box where you can protect your documents, use that instead.
  6. Give away all your plants if you can’t bring them with you. Keep in mind that most moving companies don’t accept plants since they are very fragile.
  7. Make sure your clothes are clean.
  8. If you have pets, make sure you have someone looking over them during the trip.
  9. Allow your children to have a small goodbye party with their friends, and share your phone number and new address with them.

Moving Home Day - Go Through Your Moving House Checklist!

moving home checklist
  1. Look around the house and make sure everything is clean.
  2. Check boxes and folders with important documents, and give the moving company a call to confirm.
  3. Make sure you have the keys to your new house.
  4. Charge your cell phone.
  5. Take the bedsheets and curtains, and pack your mattresses. Bring some spare clothes with you.
  6. Pack up the most valuable items you own, and take them to your new location
  7. Don’t forget your toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, comb, showering gel, shampoo, towels, and toilet paper.
  8. Pack a few snacks, as you’ll probably be too busy to cook.
  9. Go through your moving checklist to see if everything is checked off.

What To Do After Moving To Your New Home?

new home party

Congratulations, you’ve just moved house. Now that you are in your new place, take a few moments to look around and start unpacking the essentials.

It will probably take you roughly a week until you get everything in place, depending on how many people will help you along the way.

First, make sure you get a little bit of privacy by setting up your curtains. Next, put your cosmetics and towels in bathroom, and take out a few pots and frying pans that you are likely to use in the following days.

Take out your rugs and the carpets, and place them on the floor. This will protect your floors from getting stained and you from getting a cold if you moved to a colder environment. If your rugs or carpets are dirty, give them a thorough clean or hire a professional carpet cleaner. We recommend the guys at Vale Carpet Cleaning or Cardiff Carpet Cleaning.

In the following days, make sure you set aside a few hours every day for unpacking. After day 3, you should be done with everything.

Time to celebrate? You bet! If you have a small yard, invite your new neighbors to a small BBQ party. There is no better way to make new friends than good food and a few drinks. We hope this moving house checklist helped!


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