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Whether you are finally parking your caravan after a long journey or a visit to the caravan park, looking for a place to store your new purchase, or just wanting to keep your motorhome somewhere safe and secure during winter or when not in use, caravan storage facilities may just be the best storage option for you.

This guide will help you familiarise yourself with caravan storage, the many reasons why you should consider it, and some tips on finding the perfect and secure storage space for caravans or motorhomes.

There are various types of Caravan Storage available for you to choose from. This includes:

  • – Outdoor Caravan Storage
  • – Campsite Storage

Why Should I Consider Caravan Storage?

Often, when you temporarily put your caravan out of commission, parking it on your driveway and covering it with some tarp is the most common option for storage. However, using one of the manystorage facilities in your area for your caravan storage needs may be a better idea. After all, there are various benefits, should you choose to do so. Below, you will find a list of reasons why it is ideal for you to use caravan storage.

You Will Have More Than Enough Space In Your Home

The idea of owning a caravan is overwhelming for many people. The size alone can be off-putting, but they are also difficult to store at home and take up space in the driveway or garage. That means this may not be ideal for everyone, as it requires space that many people don’t have readily available.

Hence, as an alternative, others choose to rent a caravan storage space instead. Most caravan storage facilities offer storage units and spaces of various sizes, which means you’ll easily be able to find one that can easily accommodate your caravan or motorhome.

Moreover, this means you’ll be able to use your driveway or your garage for your day-to-day activities and storage needs. 

Less Risk For Damage Due To The Elements (Indoor/Covered)

Leaving your caravan exposed to the elements increases the risk of it getting damaged. From the degradation of rubber fittings to the development of rust on the exterior, there are so many things that could happen when your camper van is exposed to the sun or the rain for too long.

Moreover, there is also the risk of your caravan’s paint job and windows getting damaged by debris and other things being blown by strong winds towards the van’s direction. Aside from random junk, you are also avoiding the risk of falling trees, bird droppings, and many random items possibly damaging your van.

Fortunately, keeping your caravan in indoor caravan storage ensures that nothing of the sort happens to your most prized possession. Storage facilities always maintain an excellent level of cleanliness in their units and even offer units with climate control, thus making sure that the vehicle and its internal workings all remain intact even after being out of commission for a while.

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Increased Security For Your Caravan

With caravan storage, you can also rest assured knowing that your caravan is safe and secure. After all, it is only standard for a storage site to have the following security features:

  • 1. 24/7 CCTV coverage and recording

  • 2. Secure gates and fortified perimeter fencing

  • 3. State-of-the-art security devices and systems

  • 4. Reliable security personnel

  • 5. Efficient security protocol

  • With these features and more, you won’t have to ever worry about your caravan or the items inside the vehicle getting stolen. Aside from the additional peace of mind that comes from knowing your caravan is in safe hands, a secure storage facility can also help you get discounted insurance premiums to ensure that your caravan stays safe all year round.

    Your Own Pitch

    All vehicle owners know that parking is tough, most especially with Although it is easy enough to park up at your home if you have a full-size driveway, it is harder if there is limited space for on-road parking.

    Your neighbours will definitely hate you for blocking a significant amount of driveway just for your caravan. At a caravan storage site, however, you have dedicated pitches, often hardstanding with access to electric and water hook-up. This completely eliminates the stress and frustration of trying to find a space big enough for your tourer. You just drive there, find your spot and park up.

    Choice of Different Types of Pitches and Either Indoors or Outdoors Storage

    Not only do you have the benefit of a designated pitch for your tourer, but you often can choose from a variety of different pitch types. If you’re going to get a caravan storage facility, you might as well choose the best fit for your vehicle.

    Whether you prefer tarmac, gravel or even grass, many facilities can accommodate your preferences. You also have the choice of whether your tourer will be stored indoors or outdoors. Sometimes this will all be down to availability, but if you choose the right facility and book with enough time in advance, you should be free to choose the best pitch possible.

    Servicing Offerings Onsite

    Following nicely from the above, another aspect that makes caravan storage a worthwhile option is the fact that sites often offer various services on site. This gives you the chance to not only keep your caravan somewhere safe but have routine maintenance or those necessary repairs sorted while it’s in storage, so it’s as good as new for when you next need to use it. As well as giving you access to great rates from trusted and reputable mechanics, it also saves you a lot of time and effort.

    Flexible and Affordable Pricing

    What about the caravan storage price? Well, the good news is that you normally don’t need to lock yourself into a long-lasting financial contract. Most caravan storage sites offer their pitches and spaces on a flexible basis. This means you only need to select the plan that works best for you, whether it’s for just 3 months, 6 months or even 12 months. If you find that the facility is not the right fit for you, you can sign up for a short-term lease until you find one that is perfect. Although you will usually make bigger savings if you pay for one of the longer, you only need to pay for what you need.

    Save On Your Insurance

    Insurance for your touring vehicle is another huge expense you need to pay. One good thing that’s not been covered yet about caravan storage sites is by the very fact you are keeping your caravan in storage, especially if it has an industry-recognised classification or certification like the Bronze, Silver or Gold Award from CaSSOA, the Caravan Storage Site Owners’ Association.

    Easily Accessible

    Despite what it may seem like, caravan storage facilities are very easy sites to gain access to, if you have the correct credentials. This means you will be able to pop in and make sure all is well with your home away from home. The time and frequency of this will be different from one site to the next. However, you can usually expect that the opening/visiting times for the vast majority will be during business hours and on the rare occasion that the site is open 24/7.

    Typical Costs of Storing Your Caravan In A Facility

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    Storage costs vary from case to case. After all, factors such as the location, type of storage used (outdoor or indoor), size of the storage space, amenities offered (climate control, collection/tow service, pin code lock, etc.), the length of the rental, and many more all play a factor in the price. However, you can expect that caravan storage can range anywhere from £13 to £22.50 per week.

    How Do I Choose The Best Caravan Storage Option For Me?

    The factors mentioned above are often the things you should consider when looking to rent the caravan storage option best suitable for you.

    On top of these, though, you will want to choose a caravan storage space based on:

    • – The staff is approachable and helpful.

    • – The facility is not only clean but well-maintained too

    • – Site accessibility (Limited hours vs. 24-hour access)

    • – For how long will you be tied to the contract

    • – The facility’s caravan cleaning, repair, and tow service

    • – Safe, reasonable, and secure storage insurance coverage

    • – Proximity from your home, workplace, or place of business

    Caravan Storage Tips To Remember

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    Here are some more caravan storage tips you will want to keep in mind while trying to store your caravan or motorhome:

    • 1. Clear the fridge in your vehicle of food and other perishables that could cause foul odors and weird stains.
    • 2. Make sure to clean every corner of the caravan thoroughly.
    • 3. Empty and flush the water tank systems.
    • 4. Do not leave petrol or fuel in the vehicle’s fuel tank
    • 5. Always make sure to check out what items are allowed inside a facility. Otherwise, you may end up spending a hefty amount in fines and penalties.
    • 6. Always check for more than one caravan storage site before deciding on where to put your motorhome.