Moving To Leeds? 5 Things To Know


An Overview on Leeds

A major city in West Yorkshire, England, Leeds started as a wool trade hub in the 17th century. During the Industrial Revolution, Leeds was also a significant trading centre for iron foundries, printing, flax and other industries. As time passed, Leeds expanded and became a populated urban centre. In the 21st-century, Leeds has become the United Kingdom’s fourth-most populous urban area with more than 2.6 million residents. Leeds’ population is steadily increasing as more, and more Londoners are choosing to move away from the Big Smoke. The city life may be exciting and alluring for most residents but for those who have been residents for a time, it can be a bit problematic. Living expenses and shortage in space are just some main problems of living in big cities like London, Manchester and Birmingham. On the flipside, Leeds provide the city life without as much of a hassle as other cities. You can raise a family while still having a decent paying job that can afford a comfortable lifestyle.

Moving to Leeds

If you’re thinking of relocating to Leeds, here are some reasons to help you decide on whether you should do it or not:

Leeds’ Booming Economy

Leeds has the most diverse economy of all the United Kingdom’s main employment centres. It has also seen the fastest growth rate of private-sector jobs in any UK city. To add to this, Leeds has the highest ratio of public to private sector jobs of all the UK’s core cities. These diverse economy has resulted in Leeds being ranked as a Gamma World City, a recognition given to cities that are considered as primary nodes of the global economic network. Leeds offers numerous job opportunities to both young, up and coming fresh graduates and established professionals.

Universities in Leeds

Speaking of fresh graduates, Leeds is home to several major universities. It has the fourth largest student population in the country. If you are a student still looking for a university, consider relocating to Leeds. Pro tip: University dorms may be a bit small for your taste so just rent out a storage facility to store the items that can’t fit. It would be cheaper than getting a big dorm room.

Leeds Beckett University
LEEDS, UK – JULY 12, 2016: Leeds Beckett University in the UK. The university was known as Leeds Polytechnic. It’s a public university with 25,920 students.

 Art and Culture 

Leeds is known for its culture in the fields of art, architecture, music, sport, film and television. It is the birthplace of notable people in various fields like art, philosophy, and television. As the largest city in Yorkshire, Leeds is also the headquarter for Yorkshire’s TV stations (BBC & ITV) and regional newspapers.

Carnivals And Festivals

You will not lack a thing to do in Leeds. All-year-round, carnivals and festivals are happening, making Leeds’ residents happy all the time. The Leeds Carnival, for example, is Western Europes’ oldest West Indian Carnival, the UK’s third-largest carnival only after Notting Hill and Nottingham Carnival. This two-day event attracts over 100,000 people. This is just one of the dozens of events that happen in Leeds.

Leeds War Memorial
Leeds town hall and war memorial in the city of Leeds, UK

Lower Living Expenses in Leeds

The primary factor in Leeds attracting more and more residents is its lower living expenses as compared to the other major cities. Despite its high population numbers,
the living expenses in Leeds are ultimately more economical than London, Birmingham and Manchester. The downgrade of salary absorbed from moving out of London, and in this case, moving to Leeds is made up for by the lowered rent and cost of groceries. According to studies, London is 165.49% more expensive than rent in Leeds and 285.43% compared to New York.

Here is Numbeo’s comparison of the cost of living in Leeds vs the cost of living in London

    • Consumer Prices in Leeds are 22.28% lower than in London
    • Consumer Prices Including Rent in Leeds are 39.23% lower than in London
    • Restaurant Prices in Leeds are 23.46% lower than in London
    • Groceries Prices in Leeds are 11.31% lower than in London
    • Local Purchasing Power in Leeds is 19.93% higher than in London
Leeds Market
LEEDS, UK – JULY 12, 2016: People visit Leeds Kirkgate Market in the UK. There are 800 stalls in the market. It is visited by 100,000 weekly shoppers.

However, residents have found a better way to save up on rent. They would rent out self-storage facilities and downsize their homes. Instead of renting out large houses, they get smaller, cheaper places and then storing the items that can’t fit in self-storage facilities. If you are looking to move to the city of Leeds, make sure to check out our partner Removals or Man and Van company in Leeds.


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