15 Ways to Have the Perfect Summer Backyard

perfect summer backyard Summer is a great season for those who love to spend time in the fresh air or even those who live to entertain. What’s better than drinking your morning coffee on your porch or having a nice, relaxed dinner with your friends in the backyard’s table? If you’re one of the above, the backyard is probably your favourite area of the house, yet in most cases keeping it tidy and fashionable can be a difficult task. Most people think they have to spend a lot of money to achieve this, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. Follow these 15 tips to boost your backyard’s appeal, help the environment and start taking your outdoor living space to a whole new level!   1. Get Rid of Stuff. Getting rid – or storing – your old skis, bikes, kid’s toys, snow blower, or whatever you have lingering in your backyard’s corner will definitely make the clutter go away. Store in the shed or a storage unit near you. You can hire a Man and Van to help you move your unnecessary stuff to the nearest storage unit in your place.   2. Clean your Area. Most people overestimate the power of some old-fashioned cleaning. A simple scrub of your tables and chairs can be enough to get you backyard the facelift it desperately needs.
Cleanse your Garden
3. Cleanse your Garden. Mow your lawn with a zero turn mower and cut down your overgrown shrubs and rip out all dead bushes and weeds. Also, consider growing vegetables or flowers to create a beautiful aesthetic.   4. Splash some colors. Think of adding pots with beautiful, bright colored flowers to complete the ultimate summer look and feel.   5. Create a Pathway. If you have no diving points in your backyard, consider setting a path with sand, stones, or gravel. Your trail can be used to mark distinct areas of your yard, like the play area, garden, or dining spot.  
6. Comfortable Furnishing. Nothing says outdoors more than a good set of comfy patio chairs along with a nice dining table. If you want to make your backyard more appealing, the only things you should definitely consider investing on is on relaxed and fashionable outdoor furniture.  
7. Bring in Some Fire. A fire pit is an easy yet creative way to dazzle all your guests. You can even build your own using a solid base of compacted gravel and some landscape blocks.
Bring Some Fire
8. Swing away. To get a more summer-ready feel, you can simply add a porch swing that will definitely keep you and your guests cozy at all times.   9. Water Attractions. If you’re looking to give your backyard some tranquility, your best bet is to add water attractions like a mini pond, column fountain, a pool or even a small waterfall.   10. No Bugs Allowed. One thing that can drive you and your guests away from hanging outside is the bugs. Consider investing on insect repellents to establish your backyard as a no-fly zone.   11. Make Extra Room. If you have a small backyard with no space for people to sit or walk, we suggest you use turf pavers. Even if you know nothing about laying concrete, you can still consider hiring a professional to do the job.   12. Shine Bright Like a Diamond. The best way to highlight your outdoor space’s features is to add more light. Think about wrapping your tree trunks with string lights or even install new lights around your patio or deck to provide your area with a new summer look.  
13. Sprinkler Systems. The summer can be a very hostile environment for your plants. Smart sprinklers nowadays allow you to water your yard in a breeze and even set customized watering schedules. You won’t ever have to worry about having a dead yard anymore. Ensure that if you have any water systems such as sprinklers or pools in your backyard, you hire a professional to set up the drainage system correctly. Smart sprinklers are also a great way to save money watering your lawn because it runs on a schedule.   14. Drink Up. A little bar can actually be a great new asset for your outdoor area, especially if you love to host summer parties.   15. Fence Maintenance. A nice fence is always the right backdrop of a beautiful yard. Consider spending some of your time cleaning and fixing it and you’ll get the best compliment for an astonishing backyard. If you need materials to build your fence, check out easymerchant.co.uk.