8 Tips on How to Create Extra Room in a Small Apartment


Living in a small apartment doesn’t mean your closets, drawers, and cabinets have to be always maxed out. In most cases, the issue isn’t the amount of space rather than how you’re using your existing space. Aside from decluttering and taking your belongings to a storage facility nearby, you can always find sneaky storage spots and creative solutions in places you didn’t even think of.

Maximize your space with these eight tips and make the most of what you already have:

Cleanse your Apartment

1. Cleanse your Apartment

Cleansing is probably one of the most overrated solutions yet it can be very effective when done properly. The golden rule every professional organizer uses is to ask yourself if you actually need all the stuff you own. Having a limited storage capacity, you should only keep what you absolutely love or use, so if something is just sitting there collecting dust it’s probably time to hire a skip and throw it away. If you still want to keep these stuff but you just lack space for them in your flat, then you may consider renting a storage unit to store them for the time being. Also consider getting help from a Man and Van company to help you move your stuff in the facility.

2. Pare Down on Appliances

This is actually an extension of tip #1. Again, use the golden rule and ask yourself, do I really need a popcorn maker? An electric can opener? A toaster oven?

A great way to save tons of space is to get rid of all those bulky kitchen gadgets you haven’t used since the day you bought them. You can store unnecessary furniture in storage. Here’s a helpful guide in choosing the perfect furniture movers for you.

3. Use your Vertical Space

When it comes to potential storage, apartments hide a secret weapon: vertical space.

We recommend using mounted hooks to keep cooking equipment handy or even a pot rack for your regularly used items.

You can also add floating shelves in your walls where you can store files, books, craft supplies, framed art, or even shoes.

For the ultimate storage boost, remember that you can use the insides of closets or bathroom doors to put small shelves or door organizers.

They’re a great way to maximize your vertical space without messing with your room’s design.

Use your Vertical Space

4. Multipurpose Furniture is your Best Friend

This one is quite obvious. Multipurpose furniture allows you to store your things without having to use too much room in the process. Consider for example a storage ottoman; it can be a good place to keep things while also serve as an extra seat in your apartment. Check out irisfurnishing.com for a large furniture selection that may be fit for your multipurpose needs.


5. Every Item Should Have a Home

Apartments can get messy pretty quick. It’s important that you give each of your items, no matter how little or temporary they might be, a proper location.

Many storage issues are solved by just having a better sense of organization involving your things. To keep the clutter down, when you’re done using something you should return it to its proper place as soon as possible.

Boost Space Your Closet

6. Boost the Space in Your Closet

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re not using your closet at its full capacity.

Standard closets usually have a high bar with a shelf over it.

A smart way to double your hanging capacity is to simply add a second bar beneath the first one.

Another option is to include hanging organizers to keep your shoes, t-shirts, and accessories handy or even add expandable shelves for you to stack your clothes in.

7. Create Hot and Cold Zones

If you’re having trouble choosing how to organize your items, consider using hot and cold zones.

It’s very simple. Hot zones are areas of your home you can easily reach — while cold zones are high cabinets or shelves that are a bit harder for you to reach. Ideally, you should keep the items you use more often in hot zones and the items you don’t usually use every day in cold zones, like holiday décor or seasonal items.

Using this strategy will keep lesser-used stuff out of your way and assures that your everyday needs are easily reachable.


8. Think of Unconventional Places

There are many places in your apartment where can keep your things that you probably haven’t even thought of.

Places like the four-inch gap in between the wall and your sofa can fit mops, brooms, or even ladders, while bookshelves can be the perfect place to store office supplies. You can even put your best adjustable bed on risers and use plastic bins to store high heels, winter boots, or holiday décor.

However, you should beware: Using unconventional spaces is awesome, but be sure you’re storing items you use often, otherwise it’s just going to collect dust sitting there.

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