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UK Storage Company Barnstaple

Unit 1, Barum Gate Business Park, Barnstaple, EX32 8QD
  • 125-sq-ft
  • 250-sq-ft
  • 64-sq-ft


UK Storage offer internal self storage rooms meaning your items come out in the same condition they went in. Whether that’s for a fortnight or fourteen years, your goods will be safe with us. Sorry, that even means your partner’s family heirloom you were hoping would be “lost” in the move.

You can access your goods whenever you want with our 24 hour access option or normal access hours are Monday to Sunday. As you hold the only keys to your room, only you can access your goods. Great for last minute dashes down to storage when the relatives are coming around and expect to see the portrait of the dog they gave you.

Great access is backed up by a key code entry system, each customer having their own unique access code. This means we can keep the security doors locked at all times and monitor entries on and off the site. This is also recorded on 24 hour digital CCTV, with cameras throughout the site and inside the building (an extra expense often dodged by other companies).

The locks are their own kind of wonderful as they are unpick-able, we’ve even sent them off to locksmiths to test. They are barrel (or sometimes called cylinder) locks and are imported from the states where they are really popular in the self storage market. They fit in the doors to give the effect of a Yale lock, so there is nothing external to be cut. We’ve done our homework, these are the best type of lock in the business.

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