Sheffield: a Student Paradise


Sheffield is a city and metropolitan borough in South Yorkshire, England. With almost 580, 000 residents calling it home, Sheffield is the fifth most populous city in the UK. The recent years saw an increase in residents in the 20-24-year-old age group. These are mostly students who are studying in the two major universities residing in Sheffield: The University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University.

Known as a student town, Sheffield is now populated by students and young professionals who have just graduated from University and are trying to make their way into the real world. Here some reasons as to why Sheffield is a true student paradise

Student Town = More Choices

There is no question that Sheffield truly values education. As of the latest studies, Sheffield currently has 138 primary schools, 37 secondary schools, 12 special and alternative schools and two nationally recognised major universities.

More and more students are moving to Sheffield and studying there. The great thing is, unlike London, which is simply just too full and overpopulated, Sheffield can accommodate the increase in population. Moving to Sheffield is also not a downgrade in education. The University of Sheffield and the Sheffield Hallam University both provide quality education without burying you in decades of student loans. According to the UK rankings, the two universities rank as the 25th best and the 67th best university across the UK, respectively.

Green City

Sheffield has over 80 green parks and 650 designated green spaces. This gives students a perfect avenue for peaceful walks and unwind from the stress of university life. Having numerous green spaces around the town also reduces the pollution in the area. It has been proven by scientific studies that pollution affects people’s stress levels. Lessened pollution = lessened stress for students to deal with. They already go through enough with the academe.

Great View/Outdoor Scene

Sheffield’s architectural culture is a mix of modern buildings and rustic, brick houses. Its hilly topography makes it even better. The alternating ups and downs of the buildings make it a picturesque scene no matter the time of day. Residents and tourists alike agree that the beauty of Sheffield is inspirational and very Instagram-worthy, perfect for students who want a dose of relaxation time.

Vibrant Nightlife

Globally recognised as the “Ale capital of the world”, Sheffield has become not just a student paradise but a drinker’s paradise. At night, Sheffield remains to be vibrant and active with the numerous bars all over the town. Whether you want a quiet, intimate meal and a mug of craft beer or a crazy night out, Sheffield is your place. You can have an enjoyable night even for those on a tight budget — a student’s true fantasy.

As part of the forefront of the British brewing scene, Sheffield pubs offer over 400 unique beers. Students can choose where they drink at from traditional, rustic pubs to trendy bars. Great news for Sheffield residents, the prices are student-friendly even to non-students making it cheap for everyone.

Cheaper Cost of Living

The cost of living in Sheffield is thousands of pounds cheaper than living in other major cities like Manchester or London. According to Numbeo, London is 205.02% more expensive when it comes to housing and rent as compared to Sheffield. This is actually good news for students as majority of their expenses go to rent. Most residents and students also rent out self-storage facilities in Sheffield to store their extra items. By renting a unit, they can pay for a smaller house/room saving them a lot more money. Self-storage facilities are a versatile and cheap solution for various storage problems. Students also rent out self-storage facilities in Sheffield when they take a sabbatical or during their term vacations. This is easier and far cheaper than bringing all their items home. When they come back, all their items will be waiting for them, perfectly safe.

Growing Economy

Sheffield has seen a boost in its economy. According to studies, Sheffield experienced a 60% economic growth since 1997. This provides job opportunities to young professionals who have just graduated, making it a perfect place to live at after University.

In summary, Sheffield is a good place to live in if you’re a student or just graduated. It has great views that allow you to de-stress, quiet enough that it reminds you of the countryside but with job opportunities like London. The salary may be a bit lower but the entire cost of living is also ultimately lower.

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