Moving To Cardiff? What You Need To Know


Are you thinking of moving to Cardiff? Cardiff is an up and coming city in Wales. Its economy has been seeing a steady high for years now and more and more people are coming in both to visit and to reside in.

While I’m sure that you have done your own research, here are 6 more reasons why you should move to Cardiff.

  1. Cheap Living Expenses in Cardiff, Wales
  2. Majority of the newcomers in Cardiff come from The Big Smoke. Londoners are making the move to Cardiff mainly because of the outrageous living expenses in London. Studies state that the living expenses in London is 189.50% more expensive while it is 316.06% more expensive than living in New York. The price of groceries and transportation in Cardiff can make Londoners’ eyes water.

  3. Low Rent in Cardiff
  4. Rent and Housing are the main factors that drive residents away from big cities like London, Manchester and Birmingham. As the population of big cities increases, the price of rent also increases. This could suggest surges from just a few pounds to over double or triple the price of the original rent. This also means that compared to other cities in the UK, rent is twice or thrice.

    Moreover, you can easily save up on renting a smaller place and getting a self storage facility where you can safely store most of the items that will not fit in your new place. Self-storage facilities are a versatile and cheap solution for your storage problems.

  5. Multiple Job Opportunities in Cardiff
  6. As Wales’ chief commercial centre, Cardiff offers enough job opportunities both for its residents and those who wants to make the transfer. As part of the Eurocities, Cardiff provides a diverse number of jobs available for every industry.

  7. Connected all over Wales
  8. Cardiff is installed with an efficient transport system that can take its residents everywhere you want to go. The establishment of Railways and Airports across Cardiff make it available for both entry and exit. You can also get in or out of the city by sea. Rest assured that should you move to Cardiff that you are still connected to the rest of the world.

  9. Cardiff’s Cultural hotspot and Clean living
  10. Cardiff is a cultural hotspot that proudly showcases not only Welsh culture but cultures from all over the world. It hosts multiple festivals all-year round like food festivals, Oktoberfest, the Swn Music Festival, Hub Festival, and many more. There are plenty more to do in and around Cardiff. The best part is you do not have to know about it beforehand. Most residents wing it and just gatecrash festivals all the time.

    Cardiff is a heaven for food enthusiasts. It boasts of multicultural cuisines like French, Argentinian, Japanese, Indian, Chinese, Italian, Arabic, Mexican, Greek, Lebanese, etc. Most of these restaurants are less than an hour’s drive away and are probably more affordable than in other major cities.

  11. Cardiff Attractions

Cardiff is proud to provide its residents and tourists numerous attractions. It has numerous greenspaces, parks and museums to spend your time at during the weekend.

If you ever decide to move to Cardiff, we offer a Removals service that can help your transfer easier for you.

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