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Hiring A Man and Van in York?

You could be moving closer to university or work when you notice how difficult it is to transport all your things. These short moves may seem simple, but in reality, it can be back-breaking work. Man and van services in York can help you with the heavy lifting.

So how can man and van services help you? The service explains itself through its name–it’s that straightforward. A man with a van will come over, take your belongings and bring them to your new location or storage unit.

While it is simple, think about the manual labour that goes into these tasks. Not everyone is in the position to carry heavy boxes or drive long-distances comfortably. All of this work for an affordable fee, it’s a fair exchange. You can rest with peace of mind knowing that your stuff is in excellent hands. These experts know the responsibility they have over your things, and will not ruin that trust.

While there is always a risk with strangers handling your things, you can’t guarantee that you will do a better job. They do this long enough to not mess it up for you.

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FAQs About York Man and Van Companies

Take away the uncertainty of your move by reading up about the area. Knowing more about the place can help you plan your trip better and avoid mistakes that can affect it.

As a cathedral city and unitary authority area in North Yorkshire, York is home to a lot of history. The landmarks, seasonal activities, and history make York a popular tourist destination for local and foreign travellers alike. York Minster, York Castle Museum, and National Railway Museum York are local landmarks and must-see places for visitors. The Shambles, an old historic street is another popular destination. Some of the buildings that line the Shambles come from the 14th century. Initially, The Great Flesh Shambles, this street is one of many beautiful but eerie parts of the town. York is one of the first places in the world to host ghost walks. History and paranormal enthusiasts can enjoy these walking tours.

The service sector is a large part of their local economy. However, tech, science, and creatives are increasingly common as of late. Many international companies set their base in York as well. You can find work in the city or move towards the rural areas nearby.

To make sure that your moving experience goes as smoothly as possible, we have answer some of the most frequently asked questions about York Man and Van companies.

Local Information

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How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Man and Van in York?

York man and van companies charge for an average of £110. However, the actual price range of such services often come anywhere between £30 to £500 because of the various conditions that surround every single move. Some of these factors include the length of the job, the size of the moving vehicle, the distance and complexity of the move, and the services you choose to avail.

How Do I Find A Reliable York Man and Van?

Just submit a fully-accomplished enquiry form to us, and we’ll set you up with a few of our man and van partners to send you a quotation of their services.

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Does A Man and Van Offer Packing Services?

Although most man and van companies only provide its customers with transportation, collection, and delivery services, there are companies that do offer packing services.

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How Far In Advance Should I Schedule My Man and Van?

Man with van companies in York are always up for last-minute moving and transportation jobs for as long as they are available. However, it is still best to schedule a man and van as early as possible. Two weeks prior is most ideal.

How Long Do Man and Van Companies Work?

It depends. The size of your home and how much stuff you will be asking them to transport or move will definitely play a part in how long the job will take.

how long does a moving job last

What Can I Use A Man and Van For?

To put it simply, a man and van can help you transport items from one point to another. That means you may use it for moving home, single-item or furniture collection and delivery, self storage move-ins, parcel delivery, and in some cases, waste collection and disposal.

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What Can A Man and Van Not Move?

Most man and vans will not move hazardous materials, explosives, firearms, illegal substances, jewellery, cash, plants, animals, and for long-distance travels, perishable and frozen goods. Additionally, you may want to ask your man and van regarding the transportation of fine art, antiques, and other sensitive items.

items movers cannot move for you

What Size of Van Should I Avail?

That depends on how much stuff you’ll be taking with you! You may use our van size guide to help you figure it out. Do not forget to make sure you are hiring an appropriately sized van, as any van size or space allocation mishap can easily affect the overall success of the move. There are, however, five common van sizes which include the small, medium, and large vans, as well as the 3.5 and 7.5 tonne Luton lorries.

Can I Travel With The Van and Driver?

You will have to ask your company about this, as each man and van company will have a different policy. Typically, though, there shouldn’t be a problem with you traveling with the van and driver.

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Top 4 Best Places To Live In York

Badger Hill

Badger Hill is a small town that’s perfect for families. It has access to both coastal areas as well as Yorkshire Moors, which makes it popular with retirees who want something quiet but still close by. It also has great public transportation in case you need to get around quickly while living on this side of Leeds-Bradford Airport; Not many suburbs can say they have such good connections like Badger Hill does!


Osbaldwick is a great place to live because it’s so close to the University of York, and there are several excellent schools in the area. The National Cycle Route 66 also runs through Osbaldwick which makes for an easy commute without having to get on your bike!


Fulford is the perfect place for nature lovers and people who enjoy quiet, peaceful living while also having access to city life. Fulford offers a wide variety of properties types that are best suited for those looking to make York their permanent home.


Clifton is a great place for York-goers to call home, if they are looking for peace and quiet. It provides easy access into the city centre without losing its suburban charm; Cliffton has plenty of schools nearby too – one that’s even been around for ages. 

If you are planning on making your move much easier, you may rent out a storage unit from our self-storage partners in York. If the move is more significant than you expected, we also have removals companies in York!

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