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Hiring A Man and Van in Plymouth?

Do you hear the sea calling your name? Port cities are a popular choice for young adults and pensioners alike. Its popularity can be a double-edged sword for locals because of the extra expense. Stretch your moving budget with man and van Plymouth companies. They take care of the loading and unloading of your stuff for a small fee. It is inclusive of van rentals, transportation cost, and manual labour. You may find it stupid to pay for something so simple that you can also do it yourself. Well, these people are masters of this craft and treat it like it’s no joke. They can easily and securely fit your items in the van without the imminent fear of having your items be damaged or broken. Being the professionals that they are, I believe you are no match to the amount of skill and experience they have racked upon years of work in the field. WhatStorage can totally help you find a man and van Plymouth company! We have an extensive list of man and van service providers here at Plymouth, so you don’t have to have such a hard time trying to look for a provider or contractor of your liking. In case you’ve got a bunch of items to move, then might as well consider hiring a full removals company. You may check out our wide selection of companies for moving house in London, Brighton, Edinburgh, and in other more than 52 cities across the UK.

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FAQs About Plymouth Man and Van Companies

WhatStorage aims to make your moving experience to Plymouth as smooth and stress-free as possible. Hence, we have collected some information about Plymouth that you may just find useful. 

There are many islands and coastal cities across the UK. Despite having similar qualities, each place has unique views and histories. Before you make your want to Plymouth, read up on the local scene. Plymouth is a city near the tip of the island with some of the largest seaports and naval bases. Being Britain’s Ocean City, you can visit the National Marine Aquarium, Plymouth Hoe, Royal Citadel, Mayflower Museum and Steps, and Smeaton’s Tower for sea views and sea-related activities.

Since it is a part of Devon county, it is one of the places you can live in with quick and easy access to Cornwall. You can also visit Saltash, a town, on the way to Cornwall. There are so many things you can do when you are here. Enjoy the sights, participate in the art scene, do sea sports you can take your time learning different hobbies that you cannot do anywhere else.

Meanwhile, if you need more information about man and van services in Plymouth, here are some frequently asked questions we have answered for you:

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How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Man and Van in Plymouth?

Man and van companies in Plymouth have an average cost of £110. The actual price range of such services, though, can come anywhere between £30 to £500 because of the various conditions that surround every single move. Some of these factors include the length of the job, the size of the moving vehicle, the distance and complexity of the move, and the services you choose to avail.

How Do I Find A Reliable Plymouth Man and Van?

Just submit a fully-accomplished enquiry form to us, and we’ll set you up with a few of our man and van partners to send you a quotation of their services.

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Does A Man and Van Offer Packing Services?

Although most man and van companies only provide its customers with transportation, collection, and delivery services, there are companies that do offer packing services.

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How Far In Advance Should I Schedule My Man and Van?

Man with van companies in Plymouth are always up for last-minute moving and transportation jobs for as long as they are available. However, it is still best to schedule a man and van as early as possible. Two weeks prior is most ideal. 

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How Long Do Man and Van Companies Work?

It depends. The size of your home and how much stuff you will be asking them to transport or move will definitely play a part in how long the job will take.

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What Can I Use A Man and Van For?

To put it simply, a man and van can help you transport items from one point to another. That means you may use it for moving home, single-item or furniture collection and delivery, self storage move-ins, parcel delivery, and in some cases, waste collection and disposal.

What Can A Man and Van Not Move?

Most man and vans will not move hazardous materials, explosives, firearms, illegal  substances, jewellery, cash, plants, animals, and for long-distance travels, perishable and frozen goods. Additionally, you may want to ask your man and van regarding the transportation of fine art, antiques, and other sensitive items. 

items movers cannot move for you

What Size of Van Should I Avail?

That depends on how much stuff you’ll be taking with you! You may use our van size guide to help you figure it out. Do not forget to make sure you are hiring an appropriately sized van, as any van size or space allocation mishap can easily affect the overall success of the move. There are, however, five common van sizes which include the small, medium, and large vans, as well as the 3.5 and 7.5 tonne Luton lorries.

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Can I Travel With The Van and Driver?

You will have to ask your company about this, as each man and van company will have a different policy. Typically, though, there shouldn’t be a problem with you traveling with the van and driver. 

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Top 4 Best Places To Live In Plymouth

Still unsure on where exactly you want to move in Plymouth? Here are some areas you can choose from!


If you are a student in Plymouth, one area you will want to consider is Greenbank. It is very close to the university and the area is filled mostly with student halls, small flats, some single rooms, and a few several houses as well. Moreover, this location is ideal for those who are into entertainment and retail. After all, Greenbank is also home to Drake Circus, which is Plymouth’s largest shopping mall.


While Mutley is suitable for students as well, its distance from the University of Plymouth makes it much more desirable for families. Whichever the case though, Mutley, being home to many restaurants, fast food chains, cafes, pubs, and many more, is the best place for those who enjoy exploring food, among many other things.


Another location you will want to consider living in Plymouth is Mannamead. It is especially perfect if you are the type who enjoys the bustling city life. Because of the various property types in the area, as well as the various excellent schools, leisure facilities, and green spaces here, Mannamead has become a popular moving destination for families.


Plymstock is one of the safest neighbourhoods in Plymouth, thus making it another area that is most ideal for those who are moving with their families. Aside from it being peaceful and serene, Plymstock is also ideal because of the various property types available here, as well as its proximity to the city centre. 

It is important to note, however, that property prices in Plymstock are a tad more expensive than the average property price in Plymouth.

Have you made your way here already? See our self storage partners in Plymouth for your sea-sports equipment. Planning on moving the whole family to the city? Consider removals in Plymouth to make your move easier!

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