How to Declutter Your Home


Environmental clutter not only makes it harder for you to find your keys or important documents when you are in a rush, but it could also be detrimental to your well-being. In the aesthetic of  well-being using a hybrid mattress can improve it, the extra anxiety induced by clutter can be mitigated. 

According to a study, having a cluttered home will make you more anxious and can bring you down because it works like a constant reminder that you have to clean.

Our reward system works on dopamine. After we accomplish a task, we get a little bit of the feel-good hormone.

Not having enough time to clean your room is a constant reminder that you haven’t done what you are supposed to do. Not to mention that if someone drops by, the whole encounter makes you feel embarrassed after.

Fortunately, there is a solution for busy people like you who don’t have enough time to constantly organise things around the house: getting rid of clutter. You may even consider the services of pest control for unruly guests that have taken residence over time. 

Organising does not equal simplifying. Why spend so much time putting everything back in the cupboards or lifting every sofa as you vacuum when you could own fewer items and make more time for things that actually matter? This will help you with your budget as well.

Of course, if you are moving home then you will need to declutter your home anyways!

Below I’ve outlined the changes you can make to simplify your life, invest less time in cleaning and organising, and free up more time for yourself.

The Living Room

decluttered living room

The living room is the face of your home. It’s where you grab a coffee with friends, display your books, show off your personality, and invest the most when it comes to furniture and home decor.

Crowded flat surfaces and piles of books don’t help. Instead, go for a minimalistic look that focuses on functionality and making cleaning easier.


Keep only one cushion per seat and make sure it fits the rest of the room. More than one cushion per seat contributes to a cluttered look. Focus on functionality. It doesn’t help in any way to have more cushions. You only add more pillowcases to wash and things to tell your kids not play with.

Entertaining systems

Huge flat screen TV’s are in now, but they are quite expensive.

Why not buy a PC with a high quality screen that can be used for both work and entertainment? This way, you will save money and space.


Most people invest both in a sofa and in a single sitter.

This step is optional, and it depends on how many people you have over to your house, as well as how often. But if everyone uses the couch and nobody uses the chairs or the single sitter, you may want to store the items you don’t use someplace else.


A strategically placed flower pot can add an air of sophistication to your living room. But too many pots can make it look like you’ve stepped into an unkempt garden.

Also, make sure you choose a flower that doesn’t shed often either.

Highlight your walls instead of buying more furniture

A clean look is always more desirable, but many of us fall into the trap of wanting to decorate every corner of our rooms.

Keeping the flat surfaces as clean as possible makes the living room look bigger.

You can opt for photos on the walls or pieces of art instead of buying another sofa, which is not only a lot more expensive but also contributes to the cluttered look.


Ideally, you should pick a theme for your home when it comes to home decor. Souvenirs are hard to store in boxes simply because we want to remind ourselves of our vacations, so we end up putting Indian souvenirs near French ones, which isn’t a good look at all.

Pick a theme for your home and use only souvenirs that fit that theme. This doesn’t mean you should never use your other souvenirs, but it means you don’t use all of them at once.

For example, in the spring you can showcase your Russian dolls, and in the summer you bring out your Indian sculptures.

The Closet

tidy closet

Think about all of the clothes we have that don’t fit us, the clothes we bought to wear after we accomplished our weight loss goal.

For the time being, these pieces of clothing are just taking up space.

Before getting rid of anything, ask yourself what clothes you wear the most. What is your typical look? What colors and patterns do you dislike?

Consider donating or self-storage

One of the things that make our lives more complicated than it should be is not finding the clothes we need in the morning.

If you don’t have enough room to store your clothes properly, sort them into two piles: the clothes you will donate and the ones you want to keep for later in a self-storage unit.

Consider a capsule wardrobe  

Find out what your style is and what suits you best. Buy high-quality clothes that make you feel comfortable and are easy to mix and match as well.

Instead of buying 10 blouses that are low-quality and hard to match with your pants or skirts, invest in 3 high-quality blouses.

The Bathroom

tidy bathroom

The bathroom is one of the first places to become cluttered. Half-empty bottles of shampoo you no longer use, old cosmetics, and old towels are just a few of the things that get in the way.

Skin care products

The mass media and beauty gurus have sophisticated, expensive skincare routines. But the truth is, they are just selling you products by promoting them.

All you need is a cleanser, a cream treatment (if you suffer of a skin disease), sunscreen protection and moisturizer.

Get rid of expired cosmetics and opened bottles you no longer use.

We all have products that we don’t like but continue to hold onto because we paid for them. If you feel like someone else would benefit from them, donate them to a friend, or just get rid of them.

Also, check the expiration dates on your cosmetics. Many of us end up keeping lipsticks and powders that we haven’t used in two years.

The Bedroom

declutter bedroom

No chairs for clothing

Many of us end up pilling clothes on our chairs when we are in a rush every morning. If you have a habit of doing so, simply remove the chairs from your bedroom. This will force you to go to the closet each time you need to put your clothes back.

Less cluttered walls

Family portraits and photos from trips sometimes make our walls look cluttered. Opt for a maximum 3 photos your walls.

If you want to remove your photos completely but you still want your walls to stand out, go for a colorful wallpaper instead.

Use drawer dividers

If you find yourself pilling all your documents in one drawer, or putting all of your smaller items in drawers and then losing them, consider drawer dividers.

This will help not only stay organized but figure out what needs to be kept and what can go away.

Keep your bed clean and tidy.

Avoid eating or drinking on your bed to prevent the mattress from getting stained.  Don’t add too many pillows and unnecessary blankets on the bed. It’s less work for you when it comes to making your bed every morning.

The Kitchen

declutter kitchen

It’s not just where the magic happens when it comes to our taste buds, but it’s also the place where we store spices we never use and chipped glasses, not to mention so many spoons, forks, and plates that we could invite the entire royal family over for dinner.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can make your kitchen less cluttered

Look for extra pots, frying pans, and plates

Many of us end up buying things impulsively when we see discounts. Over time, this usually leads to filling up our kitchen drawers and cabinets with items we rarely use.

From pizza cutters to juicers, we all have tools we buy but never use or ones we use very rarely.

The tools you use only in certain seasons (e.g., ice cream maker) can be stored in a self-storage facility, while the ones you never use may be better off in the hands of someone else.

If you own an expensive juicer, you can try selling it on platforms like eBay as well.

Lastly But Not Least…Toys

declutter toys
  • If you have children, combine your efforts and make them select the toys they hardly use. Involve them in the decision making on whether to toss, giveaway or store. This will eliminate any element of surprise such as your child suddenly throwing a tantrum as they cannot locate their favorite toys. The remaining toys should be packed away neatly in a room. It also helps to teach children from a very early age to pack away their toys after using them.

In summary, if it has been out of use for more than three months pack it away and keep it in your garage, although you may be looking to declutter your garage too, in which case, store at a local storage facility if you feel you might need it in future. An uncluttered home has a fresher smell and will do wonders for your state of mind. For your storage convenience, find the nearest storage_facility to keep all your valuables safe and well-maintained.

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