6 Benefits of Moving to Glasgow


Are you thinking of moving to Glasgow? Glasgow has a perfect combination of the complexities of city life and the serenity that the countryside offers. As the largest city in Scotland, Glasgow is where rural meets urban. It has a thriving and diverse job market that presents numerous opportunities to most much like London but with the lower cost of living associated with the countryside.

So whether you’re thinking of moving or have decided to move to Glasgow already, here are six benefits you should know when you move to Glasgow. Moving can be quite difficult and time-consuming so here are some time-saving tips when you’re moving home. Make sure that you don’t pack last minute but just in case, here are our tips on for moving last minute.

Diverse and Open Job Market

Much like other cities, Glasgow offers tons of decent to high-paying job opportunities to both UK residents and expats. Glasgow remains to have the largest economy in Scotland, evolving from manufacturing to service-based industries. However, it has not turned its backs to its manufacturing roots altogether as many manufacturing company headquarters call Glasgow home.

Glasgow’s Financial District is also home to the top banks across the UK. Eight of the ten biggest insurance companies also have an office or a local headquarters at Glasgow. Other industries that are major contributors to Glasgow’s economy are the Higher Education and Tourism sector.

Glasgow also supports the creative industry. More and more young artists are moving to Glasgow because of the cheaper cost of living while still providing a stimulating environment.

Lower Cost of Living

Most ex-Londoners transfer to Glasgow because of its lower cost of living. According to surveys, rent in London is 260.01% more expensive than housing in Glasgow. Glasgow residents also enjoy a bigger space than what London can offer with a low budget.

However, one saving technique that Glasgow residents employ is by renting out a self-storage facility where they store their extra items in. This ensures that they save up on rent. For example, a 4-person family will only need to rent a 2-bedroom house instead of a 3-bedroom because most of their stuff are stored elsewhere. This solution is cheaper as compared to renting out a 3-bedroom house and transforming the third bedroom into a storage room.


Education in Glasgow could not be better. It houses 4 top universities in Scotland: the University of Glasgow, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow Caledonian University, and the University of the West of Scotland. The Glasgow School of Art is also notable as one of the finest works of Glaswegian architect Charles Mackintosh. It is therefore not a surprise that there are a lot of students residing in Glasgow.

Are you a student moving to Glasgow for Uni? Check out our tips Ultimate Moving Guide for Students.

Arts & Culture Hub

Glasgow has numerous museums and art galleries all over town. The best thing? Entrance is free! Enjoy going out on the weekends and experiencing a bit of culture in Glasgow without spending a pound.

Glasgow is also big on culture appreciation. It was hailed the European City of Culture in 1990 and has not failed to live by it up to this day. It has festivals all-year long celebrating pretty much anything under the sun — from music to drama to film, anything they can think of. Glasgow residents are friendly and lively people so it won’t take long before you feel at home in Glasgow.


Most of Glasgow’s residents are divided between the city’s two football teams. The rival teams have one of the longest running competitions around, butting heads since their first meeting in May 1888. It has gotten the name The Old Firm because of its history embedded in Glasgow culture. Both teams went through its fair share of victories and losses, both in-game and outside the playing field, all of which had the entire Scottish community watching. Residents swear that a full derby game is one of the best ways to welcome a newcomer.

Vibrant Nightlife

The nightlife in Glasgow will not disappoint newcomers. Glasgow, much like the entire Scotland, is known for being heavy drinkers. It offers the nightlife that city people crave with its number of pubs and clubs all around the corners. Good news for your bank accounts, the price of drinks in Glasgow is way cheaper than in London. Look out for old pubs that still play traditional Scottish music. They serve the best drinks and food around Scotland.

Don’t worry though. There is an alcohol curfew after 10 PM which means that you can’t buy alcohol on groceries and supermarkets anymore. Clubs and Pubs are usually open until 3 AM though. This just ensures that the noise does not disturb the residents who want to lie in.

So are you convinced to move to Glasgow now? If so, make sure that you contact our Man and Van partners in Glasgow to make your move hassle-free! Is your new house still not yet fully renovated? Rent out a self-storage facility in Glasgow to safely store your items in while you sort it out.

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