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Making the Move: 9 Essential Questions to Ask Your Removals Company


With hundreds of removals companies in the UK, how do you know you are choosing the best moving company for your moving day? By this time, you’ve probably found a few service providers with great offers. You’ve browsed through the Internet reading countless customer reviews and ratings but you still want to know these companies better.


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Planning On Moving House? Here Are 8 Tips To Make It Less Stressful!


Moving house is one of the most stressful endeavours one can go through, no matter how many times you do it. Hence, you must know how to avoid the unnecessary stress that usually comes with moving houses. From thorough planning and organisation to careful decision making, there are many things you can do to get your moving process right. Below is a list of tips you may use…

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Moving While Pregnant: How To Make Moving Houses Easy When You’re With Child


Moving home is a physically demanding and tiring task. Being pregnant while moving makes it more difficult and tiring.

As you may already know, stress and fatigue are two things that pregnant women shouldn’t be experiencing. However, because many parents-to-be aim to move into homes that are ideal for young children before welcoming their bundles of joy into the world,  many couples still opt to move houses…

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Moving Office Guide: 9 Tips On How To Make Office Moves Easy and Hassle-Free


Relocating offices is just as complicated, if not more, than moving house but with office supplies and equipment? After all, deadlines and responsibilities aren’t just put on pause while you and your team prepare for the big move. Moreover, with your time divided between doing actual work and sorting and packing your office equipment and furniture, moving office becomes all the more challenging. Read …

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How To Save Money When Moving


Are you moving houses? If this is your first time to move, then I have bad news for you. Moving costs a lot of money. Relocation expenses can rack up thousands of pounds. When you are elbow deep in boxes and packing tape, you often forget the costs of moving. Check out how much moving houses cost here. When you move,…

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How Much Does A Removal Company Cost? Average Removal Costs in 2020


Moving is a challenging task. From planning and organising the logistics of it all, to getting down and dirty while packing, hauling, and transporting your belongings, you will find yourself overwhelmed, exhausted, and sometimes even frustrated. Fortunately, you can always turn to a removal company for help!

You may be wondering, “But, how much does a removal company actually cost?”…

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How To Move Houses With Children In Tow


Moving house with children can be a tough feat. You will need extreme organization skills, a ton of patience, and a dash of luck.

The act of moving itself is difficult and traumatic for anyone and everyone involved. However, there is just something about moving with kids that makes it all the more challenging.

These impending changes in their lives could leave them feeling insecure and…

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