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Creating Extra Storage Space at Home

Storage space within the home can often be overlooked, that is until clutter begins to build and items are untidily stacked up in corners or the bottoms of cupboards. Having your belongings organized and properly stored can make a considerable difference in decluttering your home and maximizing your living space. The right storage space can transform how you feel about your home.  Sometimes it can feel like… Read More

The Ultimate Guide For Self-Storage Contracts

When you decide to rent a self-storage unit, there are a lot of terms that come into it. Your contract is a legally-binding, written agreement that should consist of different terms such as tenancy, the rights of both lessee and lessor, the agreed upon payment per month, etc. This document is considered as a legitimate evidence in court should there be any disputes. Any disagreements, slights,… Read More

Here’s How You Can Create More Storage Space In Your Home

No matter how big your home is, storage space is one thing you always find lacking. Whether it’s for putting away your winter clothes, old kids’ toys you don’t have the heart to throw away or anything else you rarely use, the list seems to always grow while usable storage space in your home keeps shrinking. With an average of 5 rooms in any home … Read More

8 Things to Remember When Moving Luxury Mirrored Furniture

Mind-bending statement pieces add a glamorous and dreamy effect to any types of home. These include a piece of an expensive glass chandelier at the entryway or front porch, long overstaffed sofa with coffee side and tables, and of course luxury mirrored furniture that best complement either your preferred contemporary style or vintage home interior. According to history, the earliest versions of the mirror were those crafted… Read More

Avoid these 4 Mistakes When Relocating Your Company

Moving your company offices can be a logistical nightmare, even if it’s for the better. It’s like moving from your home. It doesn’t matter if the new one is near or far, there’s just so many things that can (and tend to) go wrong. It’s even worse when relocating a company! If you are planning on moving your business to a new office space,… Read More
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