Why Should You Consider Student Storage In Cardiff?

cardiff university Cardiff is an excellent place for students, with some of the best universities in the UK, including Cardiff University, the University of Wales, and the Cardiff Metropolitan University.  However, living on campus can be difficult if you’re not a local student. If you are coming from out of town and need to store your things while attending school and living in student housing in Cardiff, it pays to find an off-campus storage solution. With plenty of space and all the amenities you’ll need for storing your belongings securely, it’s easy to see why so many students choose this option! One may think, however, that student storage in Cardiff is nothing but an unnecessary expense. After all, why would you need to rent Cardiff student storage when you can get creative in making space in your student accommodation, right? Well, you’ll be surprised to find out that there are, in fact, several reasons as to why you will want to rent student storage in Cardiff.

What Is Student Storage?

When you are a student living away from home, finding a place to safely and securely store your belongings is almost impossible. After all, from the limited space in student housing to the astronomical cost of real estate properties, students are left to make a difficult choice between giving up some of their belongings or spending too much money on housing. Fortunately, though, a third, more affordable option has emerged to help students everywhere, and this is self storage for students. Here, self storage facilities provide, in this case, Cardiff students with a storage solution that:
  • – Is affordable
  • – Has flexible rental terms
  • – It offers a wide variety of unit sizes that make it a suitable option for everyone.
  • – It is safe and secure enough to provide them with constant peace of mind

Reasons To Consider Cardiff Student Storage

Here are some of the reasons why student storage Cardiff is something you should consider:

There Will Be Enough Living Space At Your Home

The sheer amount of stuff a college student needs to carry around can fill up all the space in their residence and leave them feeling cramped and uncomfortable. Luckily, storage facilities in Cardiff have many different storage options available. This means you can make sure that you can put however much stuff you want to store to stay comfortable. 

Keeping Your Home Clean And Tidy Will Be Easy

Having a lot of belongings in a cramped space will make keeping the place pristine very challenging. With student storage, though, you’ll have the option to put away anything that is not essential to your everyday life. This includes old textbooks, spare sporting equipment, any collection or hobby, seasonal clothing, and many more. With these items out of the way, keeping your place clean and tidy will definitely be a breeze! Moreover, you won’t look like you’re camping all the time and you won’t have to worry about that pile of clothes on your floor!

You’ll Have A Place To Accommodate All Of The Items You Have Accumulated Throughout The Years

As a university student, you’ll go through many adventures and experiences that you will want to remember with various souvenirs and memorabilia. On top of this, it’s hard to resist the temptation of buying new things. Being a student who is short on space, though,  there will come the point where you will have to do some decluttering. This step is admittedly tricky, especially when you have invested time, money, and attachment into your worldly possessions. If you are not quite ready to let these items go, why not keep them in a self storage unit until you are?

You Won’t Have To Lug Your Belongings Back Home In The Summer And Then Back

You wouldn’t want to lug all of your things back and forth over the summer, but what are you supposed to do when you don’t have a place to store your stuff? Renting an apartment with the sole purpose of having a place to keep your stuff certainly isn’t the only option. With a self storage unit in town, students no longer have that problem. Instead, you can just store your things for the entire duration of summer without ever having to worry about spending too much money or your items getting damaged or stolen! The same thing applies when planning on travelling for an extended period, whether for a gap year or a foreign exchange program.

Cardiff Student Storage Tips To Remember

self storage facility Now that you know how exactly self storage is helpful for Cardiff students, we leave you with some tips you will want to keep in mind:
  • 1. Make sure to get from multiple storage facilities. Compare each one in terms of prices, location, and service inclusions to make sure you are paying the best price possible. A storage company isn’t always the best option just because they cost the least. Here is a full list of the factors that may influence self storage prices.
  • 2. While looking for the perfect storage facility, do not hesitate to ask questions. Keep in mind that you want the best option for you. Getting all your questions answered will make sure of that.
  • 3. Use high-quality packing supplies for the items you want to store. You will not want to consider cheap packing materials, as your things may only end up damaged or missing. You may purchase your packing supplies at WhatStorage’s Box and Packing Supply Shop.
high quality packing materials
  • 4. Remember to ask your storage company for a list of items you may not move into the facility. The last thing you want is to get in trouble for bringing in prohibited items.
  • 5. To find out how big of a storage unit you need, don’t forget to check out this unit size guide.

Why A Removal Service Is Important When You Are Moving Your Items Into Student Storage

If you are moving your belongings into student storage, it is important to consider hiring a professional removal service because:

1. They will be able to safely and securely move your belongings into storage, which is important if you have valuable or delicate items.

2. A removal service will be able to save you time and hassle by doing all the heavy lifting for you.

3. They can also provide packaging materials and advice on how best to store your belongings, which is important for ensuring that everything stays in good condition while in storage.

4. A removal service will give you peace of mind knowing that your belongings are in safe hands and will be handled with care.

Meanwhile, if you have yet to move to Cardiff, check out our website for more storage and moving house tips! Moreover, here is a Student Moving Checklist you may find useful!