A Guide On Self Storage For Students In Manchester

Manchester is a bustling city with many prestigious universities like the University of Manchester and the Manchester Metropolitan University, among many others. The impressive number of universities in the city has led to an increase in the city’s student population, which, in turn, has led to an increase in student housing here as well.

With student housing often being cheaper and less spacious, though, this means that more students are looking for places to store their belongings. Self storage is the best option for these students because it provides them with the space they need.

In this blog post, we will go over some of the benefits of Manchester student storage and how it could work well for a student’s needs.

What Is Self Storage?

Self storage is an industry that provides people with additional storage spaces for a low cost. Such spaces come in a wide variety of sizes ranging from locker-sized to warehouse-sized, making it ideal no matter how much stuff you have. Here’s WhatStorage’s Unit Size Guide.

Most of the time, self storage companies also provide their customers with flexible lease options, which means you can rent out a unit anywhere from a week to several years! Because of these flexible terms and storage unit sizes, self storage has become the best option for student storage in Manchester and all over the UK. You may also read more about student storage here.

Aside from the flexibility, self storage also provides peace of mind to storage facility tenants and safety and security to all the belongings stored in one. After all, most storage companies offer the following in their facilities:

  • – Efficient surveillance systems and security protocols
  • – Climate control and fire-suppression features
  • – Excellent standards of cleanliness
  • – Regular facility maintenance
  • – Reliable staff
  • – Affordable storage prices

When Is Self Storage Useful For Students In Manchester?

Here is a list of instances where self storage is helpful for university students in Manchester:

When They Are Moving Out Of Home

packing tips for students

When a student is moving out of home for the first time, chances are they will have various belongings that they will need to take with them to a student hall or house. And although the idea of having to transport these items all at once seems easy, doing this can actually be challenging and stressful.

With student storage, however, students won’t have to deal with the pressure of moving out of their parents’ home. All they’ll have to do is move their essentials into their accommodation and the rest of their stuff to a storage unit. From there, they can move their belongings out of storage and into their place as needed.

If you are a student moving out of your parents’ home for the first time, here are some tips you may find useful. You will also want to check out the Ultimate Student Moving Checklist.

When They Are In Need Of Student Summer Storage

While others are lucky enough to attend universities close to their hometown, others are not so lucky. Typically, this leaves people with two options for managing their belongings over the summer break. It’s either lugging everything back and forth at the beginning and end of summer or paying rent on a flat to store things in it during that period.

However, with a self storage facility at their disposal, students no longer have to worry about exerting too much effort or spending too much time and money just to keep their belongings safe and secure over the summer.

When They Are Travelling For An Extended Period

Whether they are taking a gap year or going into a foreign student exchange program, student storage will be very useful. A self storage unit gives you peace of mind and the opportunity to go back at your convenient time.

That means, while you are off seeing the world or studying across the globe, you can save money when renting a storage space for an entire year, rather than giving up all of your belongings or paying full rent for an apartment just to store your belongings.

Conversely, a Manchester student storage service is also helpful for international students staying in the city temporarily.

When They Are In Need Of Extra Space At Home

Whether you are in Manchester or anywhere else in the UK, student accommodations are often small and cramped. That means if a student has too many items they need to keep, the space in their place of residence will not be enough.

Fortunately, they can almost always go to the nearest storage facility and find a student storage box or other student storage options suitable for their needs. They can store non-essential belongings, collectibles, nostalgic items, old textbooks and documents, and any seasonal items and clothing they may have. 

Here are some more Tips On How To Make More Space In A Small Apartment

With these items out of the way and only the absolutely essential stuff in their student accommodation, maximising the space will be much easier and stress free. Moreover, Manchester students can rest assured knowing their belongings will be safe and kept in tip-top shape in storage!

Manchester Student Storage Tips To Keep In Mind

  • 1. The storage prices in Manchester are computed based on various factors such as unit size and placement (indoor or outdoor, bottom or top floor, etc.), security features, amenities, and geographical location (Is it near a major road or the Manchester city centre?). That means facilities will only charge what is due to the client.
  • 2. Even though these items are only going into storage, everything should still be packed using high-quality packing materials. This will ensure that nothing gets lost or damaged accidentally.
  • 3. Some facilities offer free collection and free return delivery services. For storage Manchester companies that offer this service, make sure to coordinate both the collection date and the return date with them beforehand. This will prevent any hassle or stress on moving day.
  • 4. Always remember to compare multiple storage companies to find the one that offers the best terms for student storage in Manchester.
  • 5. Make a note of the items that are allowed and not allowed in storage. The last thing you want for your storage lease to get terminated for failing to comply with your storage facility’s terms of rental and service.

Ready For Student Storage In Manchester?

If you are considering student storage in Manchester but are unsure where exactly you should start, check out WhatStorage‘s list of Manchester self storage company partners. After all, in just a few clicks, you will get a free storage quote for any facility of your choice! Meanwhile, if you are also looking for professional movers, be sure to look at our removals and man and van partners in Manchester as well.