A series of storage trunk décor ideas

trunk decor ideas

The trunk is an attractive decorative feature within the room and will assist you in maintaining the tidy appearance of the bedroom. Let’s discuss some storage trunk décor ideas that are sure to come in handy, synergizing aesthetics and utility.

Storage trunks as console tables and nightstands

A trunk can act as a console table, blending style and function. A lovely trunk may also be utilized as a nightstand if it has the perfect dimensions and shape.

Storage trunks as coffee table

Storage trunks can double as coffee tables, though some of them may look somewhat tall to serve as coffee tables. Utilizing a wicker trunk for a coffee table in the living room is an excellent idea for creating storage in a small space. Trunk coffee tables often serve to bring in variety as far as the dimensions of pieces of furniture in any room are concerned.

How to decorate a trunk coffee table, and let it decorate a room

The idea of using storage trunks used as coffee tables is in vogue, and rightly so! Apart from adding a kind of vintage accent to the aesthetics of a room, they’re spacious enough to organize objects such as extra blankets, books, magazines, electronics, DVDs, or anything else you want to tuck away from everyone’s sight. Even in a small living room, a big trunk can make a style statement and come up with abundant scope for storage.

You can strategically place vases, books, decoration pieces, or even knick-knacks on a trunk coffee table in order to enhance its aesthetic appeal.

Vintage trunk ideas

In a room with markedly classic overtures, a vintage wooden trunk heightens the personality and adds charm to the decor. If the ambient seating arrangement is characterized by dark tones, a lighter wood such as oak illuminates the room. If the seats are light-hued, a medium-to-dark wood shade is a good idea.

You can transform an old trunk into an accent table. Start with the prima and basecoat, apply spray adhesive to your stencil, align the stencil, apply glaze, and finally, add legs to the trunk.

Metal trunk makeover

In order to up-cycle an old metal trunk, first, wipe it off to remove dirt and dust. Use sand paper to scrape off rust from the trunk’s surface. Apply a couple of coats of metal primer to the trunk. Let the primer dry completely before you get on with the painting process. Apply two-three coats of enamel paint with a flat brush or a paint sprayer. You can augment the beauty of the trunk buy conjure up some patterns using stencils.

You can also paint these patterns free hand. As for the stencil, be sure to first secure it using cello tape. Take some acrylic on a flat plate, and use sponge to smear the color on. Once you are done with this, remove the stencil and let it dry. Finally, apply a coat of varnish.

Wooden chest decorating ideas

Wooden chests can help you create an amazing craft that you may sell or make into a distinctive present. A personalized wooden chest makes for a fantastic present for anyone and has the capacity to truly personalize and customize your message. Rustic wood chests are perfect for quick room makeovers, altering the appearance of your apartment or house interiors on a budget.

Just because you stay in little rooms, it doesn’t mean you cannot achieve impressive and trendy appearance with unique chests and trunks that bring convenience and comfort into your house and create unique room decor in a cosmopolitan style. The trick to creating a lovely room is collecting pieces that contrast with each other when going for a general theme.

Natural wood chests and trunks can be painted or decked up using fabrics and wallpapers. Old chests link generations and often serve as attractive centerpieces.

What to do with old steamer trunks

Old can be used as coffee tables or as storage space for linen and towels. A cool idea would be to use them for shoe storage

Creative uses of cedar chests

A hope chest, also known as dowry chest, cedar chest, trousseau chest or glory box, is a piece of furniture conventionally used to store stuff such as clothing and household linen, by unmarried young women looking forward to a married life.

Historically, people also used cedar chests as luggage when shifting from one part of the country to another. Since early homes did not have closets, the cedar chest served as an additional wardrobe or linen storage space.

You can use an old cedar chest to store blankets, or you can repurpose it to serve as a coffee table or even as a bench.