Should I Go For Self Storage or Container Storage Manchester?

The city of Manchester is best known for the various academic, career, and financial opportunities present in the city. It is, therefore, no surprise that thousands upon thousands of people move here annually. And while the population increase often leads to great opportunities and development for the city, there are quite a few issues. The most common of which is the increasing demand for space.

Whether you require extra space in the office or at home, renting a storage space is always the first thing that comes to mind to resolve this dilemma. However, we often fail to realise that the term “storage site” or “storage facility” could mean something entirely different. After all, there are various types of storage solutions available in this city: Container Storage and Self Storage.

In this blog post, we will be discussing the differences between these two types of storage solutions and identifying when and where exactly each is useful.

The Differences Between Self Storage And Container Storage

Self Storage

self storage

Self storage provides people with the opportunity to store their extra belongings safely and cost-effectively. The size of each unit can range from locker-sized, perfect for storing clothes or electronics that are used on occasion, to warehouse units big enough for everything you own! Most facilities also offer flexible lease options, making it easy to find a long-term solution no matter how much stuff occupies your home or place of business.

Many people in the city find Manchester self storage the best option for their belongings because of the efficient security systems and protocol,  excellent standards of cleanliness, reliable personnel, and storage unit amenities (e.g., fingerprint lock, climate control, fire suppression, etc.) that many self storage facilities offer.

Self storage facilities are best used when you are decluttering, looking for ways to maximise the space in your home,  or looking for a clean and safe space for your unused items, precious belongings, and essential documents. Units are also most ideal for your student storage or business storage needs. You can read more about the benefits of student storage in Manchester here.

Container Storage

container storage

Meanwhile, container storage or pod storage is essentially a portable storage solution that is convenient and affordable. After all, your Manchester storage facility of choice will bring the storage container right to your doorstep, thus making the process of storing your belongings easy and stress-free!

Packed storage containers are then transported to storage facilities or container storage sites where they can be kept safe until they are needed again or when they are to be delivered to a new location. That means, if you are using container storage to move house, you won’t even need to hire a removal service to help you out! However, some storage facilities are open to the idea of leaving the pod or container on your property, therefore providing you with easy access to a storage unit right outside your home or office.

As a customer, though, you may be responsible for loading or unloading your stored items. That means your storage company can help with this process if needed but are often only expected to deliver the container with your goods at their destination. 

A portable storage unit is most useful when planning a long-distance move or looking for highly accessible storage space for your belongings at home, at the office, or at any job or construction site.

How To Land The Best Options For Storage In Manchester

Whether you are planning on using a self storage facility in Manchester or container storage services, you need to know what you should be on the lookout for to find the most suitable storage option for you.

Things To Consider When Looking At Manchester Self Storage Units

To make sure that your belongs are safe and secure in a facility for self storage in Manchester, here are the factors you must take into consideration:

Unit Condition

The first thing you will want to check out is, of course, unit condition. So, if it is possible, check out the unit in person and make sure that everything is in tip-top shape. Check for any leaks, cracks, or moulds that could lead to a bigger problem in the long run. You will also want to check for any signs of insect or rodent infestation within the space. After all, leaving this unresolved may lead to costly and sometimes irreparable damage to your belongings.

Unit Sizes

Because storage units in Manchester come in various sizes, it can be very easy to book a storage unit too big or too small for your storage needs. To prevent this from happening, one thing you can do is refer to a storage size calculator. Knowing what unit size you need beforehand will definitely be helpful for you. Alternatively, you can consult someone from your prospective storage facility to determine what size is best for your needs.

Renting a unit that is too big or too small may lead to unwanted expenses, or worse, damage to your most precious items.


Depending on how often you need to access your unit and how much of a lead time you’ll have before visiting it, the distance of your home or office from the storage facility may be a massive factor in deciding which one of your prospects you will be choosing. So, be sure to figure those out before settling for a self storage Manchester facility for you.


It will also be essential for you to know just how much your self storage unit will cost. While there is no standard for storage prices in Manchester, you must remember that there are a few factors that contribute to the actual cost. Here’s a quick breakdown of everything that usually makes up the total cost.

You must remember, though, that cheap storage units are not always the best option for you. After all, the most affordable option may not always be the most suitable for your storage needs.

Features and Amenities

Lastly, you must consider what features or amenities come with your prospective unit. Does it come with added security measures like code locks or additional door locks? Is climate control available? How about fire suppression? Will you need to gather your own supplies, or are they providing you with packing materials?

Knowing these things is extremely crucial, especially when you know you’ve got valuable or fragile items to be placed in storage. The last thing you want is for you to discover on moving day that your storage unit is not suitable for the items you wish to store.

What To Consider When You Are Thinking About Container Storage in Manchester


Meanwhile, here are the things you will have to consider while looking at container storage options in Manchester:

Container Sizes

Just like self storage facilities, container storage companies also carry storage containers in various sizes. Typically, the sizes of these units typically range from something as big as a semi-trailer all the way up to the size of a full-size shipping container.  However, there are still various sizes available in the market, especially when you are planning on using them for residential purposes.

It should be noted, though, that as with any means of storage or transportation, it is not without its risks, and careful planning should always go into every move. The type of container being used and the amount and density of packing materials will make all the difference in how your belongings are handled during transit or while in storage. After all, there is nothing worse than coming home to find that something has been broken or damaged!

Container Condition

Portable storage is just like traditional self storage. Thus, when you’re storing your belongings, it’s important to inspect the unit for any potential flaws. Often, this would come in the form of rust or a problematic door that doesn’t close properly. You will want a company that takes pride in its work and promptly addresses all of these concerns if they arise, which shouldn’t happen with reputable providers!

It can even be said that an individual may have more protection against theft while at home than when using this service because thieves often look inside before breaking into residential homes first due to the higher chance of finding valuable goods compared with ‘jackpotting’ on items in a storage container.

This, in turn, will provide you with extra peace of mind, which means you can rest assured that your belongings will be safe and secure.

Environmental Factors

The best part about container storage is the fact that your belongings can be transported or delivered on-demand. However, sometimes unforeseen circumstances such as weather changes arise, making it much harder for you to transport your storage container. It is, therefore, crucial that you find the type of container that can protect your items from the elements and other outside factors.

If you are planning on using a storage container as a permanent fixture outside your home or place of business, it is also important that you find one that can withhold unpredictable weather and fluctuating temperatures for longer periods.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the differences between self storage and container storage, you’ll find it much easier to decide which one is more suitable for you! Meanwhile, if you have yet to move to Manchester, here are some tips on the best places to live in the area. For other moving options, you may also check out our removals and man and van partners in Manchester.