How Useful Is A Self Storage Unit For Home Renovation and Remodelling Projects?

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Home improvement projects are always fun and exciting. However, because it often comes with a lot of hard work, time, and money, it can get very overwhelming pretty quickly. Fortunately, though, there are many things one can do to tackle this type of project with ease.

This includes planning ahead, creating a realistic budget and timeline, getting professionals to help get the job done, getting insurance, etc. Although many people fail to realise it, renting a self storage unit! Most people would think, “You already said home renovation projects entail a lot of time, energy, and money! Why would I want to do something that would potentially cost me more of all three?”

To help convince you of this fact, we here at WhatStorage have come up with a list of reasons how exactly self storage can help make your home renovation project easy and smooth sailing. 

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6 Benefits Of Self Storage For Home Renovation Projects

Your Belongings Will Be Safe From Damage

If there is one thing that is common among all renovation or construction sites, it is the fact that it will be messy and dirty. That means keeping your belongings (i.e., furniture, appliances, etc.) in the house, exposed to all that dust, dirt, and debris, as well as other things like moisture, paint, sharp objects, powerful tools, and heavy equipment, would be impractical and downright risky. After all, these things may cause superficial, structural, or internal damage to your most valued pieces of furniture, appliances, and other belongings. Newline Painting, a company that provides interior painting services in Melbourne, reiterates this thought, stating that even the most experienced painting professionals have off days, which in turn could lead to costly damage to your furnishings.

Covering your belongings with some tarp, cloth, or plastic may reduce the risk of them being damaged, but would you be willing even to take the risk, however small, when there is an option that provides you with total peace of mind?

Self storage facilities always make it a point to match you up with a storage unit that best suits your needs. For example, if you have large items or many things you need to store, they will provide you with a unit that will accommodate all of your belongings. You will also have the option to make use of a climate-controlled self storage unit, which protects your stuff from outside elements like moisture, extreme temperatures, and many others that may cause them damage.


You Won’t Have To Worry About Your Items Getting Stolen

Aside from damage, keeping your items in the house during a home renovation project exposes it to the risk of losses or theft. Of course, you will want to do

your best to hire trustworthy contractors and construction personnel for the job. But, even then, you can never be too sure!

That is another reason why it would be best to use a storage unit as a temporary home to your belongings during the renovation or remodelling project. You are provided with features and amenities that can keep your belongings safe and secure.  Such features include round-the-clock CCTV coverage, state-of-the-art security tech, reliable staff and security personnel, and safety protocols that protect both you and their company.


You May Use It To Store Unused Renovation Equipment and Materials

Most people make use of self storage units storage to keep the items in their home safe. However, you may also choose to rent a self storage unit when you’ve got some things on the renovation site that you want to get out of the way temporarily. This is especially useful if you have limited space in your house.

Provides Your Renovation Team With More Space To Work

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Unobstructed access and space to freely move around the rooms in the house are crucial during home renovations. After all, the lack of such and the presence of various obstacles your renovation team will have to navigate may result in a lot of misspent time, money, and energy.


It Can Help Speed Up Your Home Renovations

As an effect of having more space and the opportunity to make better use of your tim

e, clearing the belongings out of the rooms in your home may also help speed up the timeline of your home renovation project.

Conversely, if you find that you and your team of builders need more time to work on the project, you may easily extend your short-term storage facility rental without much fuss! You won’t have to worry about explaining to your relative, neighbour, or friend why you will need them to keep your stuff a couple of days or weeks longer! Read more about self storage contracts here.


Project Costs May Go Down

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Because you have found ways to speed up the renovation process, you also effectively saving yourself the money which would have otherwise been used to fund the additional home renovation days. Moreover, because your belongings are safely stored in a room in a storage facility somewhere, you also won’t have to worry about paying for the repair or replacement costs of the items that would have been damaged or lost.


No Need To Worry About Anyone Getting Injured On The Job

Clearing your home of furniture and appliances before starting any work will not only make the job more efficient but also clear the area of potential hazards that could lead to falls or other accidents. This is important because it protects you, your crew, and others who come in contact with a potentially hazardous site.


Self Storage Tips To Keep In Mind Before Your Home Improvement Project

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Now that you know how self storage can help make any home improvement project easier, here are some storage tips you will want to remember:

1. Before packing everything up, do not forget to declutter. Get rid of items you no longer want or need. Keeping them in the self storage unit will only use up valuable storage space and money.

2. Remember to pack your furniture, appliances, and other belongings properly. That means making use of appropriately sized boxes, remembering to double-wrap fragile items, putting labels on boxes, and many more. Here are some Tips on Packing Fragile Items that you may use. You may also use this guide on Packing Kitchen Gadgets and Electronics.

3. Speaking of packing materials, invest in high-quality ones. Using cheap, flimsy ones may end up causing more trouble for you in the long run. You may purchase high-quality packing materials at WhatStorage’s Box and Packing Materials Shop.

4. Consider getting Self Storage Tenant Insurance for your belongings.

5. Consider hiring professional movers or a man with a van for the transportation of your belongings to and from the storage facility. This will ensure that your items are safe not only during their time in storage but in transit to and from it, too.

6. Make sure to consider multiple self storage facilities to ensure that you are getting the best deal available based on your requirements and lifestyle. Here are the 7 Factors That Affect Self Storage. To make this process easier, make use of WhatStorage and find the best storage options near you in just a few clicks!


After Home Renovation Project

Don’t get too excited. Once your home renovation project is done, there are still a couple of things you need to do before calling it a day.

  Do a thorough house inspection

It’s important that you personally inspect your house before you let your contractors go. Even if they’re a professional team, they may have missed some spots or a section might not be working properly. You will have a hard time getting contractors to repair sections once you sign the release form.

  Clean your section

Once it’s done, you need to clean out your place. Home renovation projects fill your place with dust, loose concrete, and other debris. You may want to hire a professional house cleaning service from Sidepost to make sure your house is spotless.

  Make a list of what you need and bring in your stuff

Make a list of the essentials. The rest can stay in the storage facility for safekeeping. This way, you can enjoy your newly renovated (and spacious) house!