Long-Term Airbnb: 6 Ways to Store Items When You’re Far From Home

long term storage Traveling is always an exciting endeavor as it allows you to explore new places and meet new people and experience new cultures. It’s no wonder why a lot of people are spending their savings by traveling to new places. When you’re traveling, you want to be able to relax and you also want to come back with a smile on your face and stories to tell. What you don’t want when you’re traveling is worrying about what is going on back home. One of the things you might be worried about while you’re away from home is the items that you have. This is worrying if you are leaving an empty home with no one to guard it. If you have any valuables you might want to think of ways on how to store items while you’re not there to guard them. You don’t want to spend your time away from home thinking about home, so you should tie up any loose ends before your departure. That said, here are six ways to store items when you’re far from home: 

1. Consider renting a self-storage unit

Renting a self-storage unit is a great way to have additional storage for any excess items that you might want to keep away from your home. It can be hard to leave an empty home, especially if you have any belongings that are important in there, so renting a self-storage unit will help you have additional storage that is protected. If you want to rent a self-storage unit, then you should look into the provider and whether or not they have a strong security system. You should also keep any contact information of the people who manage the facility so that you can ask them about the status of your self-storage unit anytime and anywhere. Keeping your important items in a self-storage unit will be a load off your mind. Plus, you don’t have to ask any of your friends and family to do it for you, just in case, they might not be available as well. 

2. Make sure items are properly packed

You might want to pack some of your belongings and store them properly while you are away. This is especially important if you are going to be away for a very long time. If you have your items properly packed and tucked away inside your home then you aren’t worried about anything breaking while you’re gone. Aside from that, it will help reduce your worries about the security of your belongings. When packing your belongings away make sure that you label the boxes so that you know where to find any particular items. 

3. Use your garage space

If you have properly packed away your belongings but you don’t have any extra space to store these boxes then you can always use your garage space. Using your garage space to store any extra belongings you want to keep away will be a neat trick to keep your home looking less-cluttered once you come back. However, you should only use your garage space if you have any sort of guarantee that your items will be kept safe and that it’s well-secured. If you think that your garage space isn’t secure enough, then don’t use it because you want your items to be there when you come back. 

4. Leave expensive items in a friend’s care

It’s better that you have an actual person looking into and protecting your personal belongings while you are away somewhere. If you have any expensive items that you can’t hide in your home, then you should have a trusted friend keep it for a while. That way, you feel safe knowing that they’re in someplace with supervision. Just in case your house somehow gets broken into, at least you feel safe knowing that they won’t be able to get anything of value and importance from your home. Even if there is no security threat at least you know that your things won’t get broken in some unexpected way when you come back. 

5. Ask someone to check your house

If you don’t want to leave any items in your friends’ home, then you can always ask them to at least check up on your house every now and again. More so if you hire a cleaning service for Airbnb prior to your return. Aside from friends and family, you should have a strong relationship with your neighbors so that they can check up on your house. If you can, why not invite or ask a relative or friend to stay in your house while you are gone? That way you are sure that someone is checking up on your house. 

6. Keep valuable items in a safe

If you don’t want to keep valuable items with your friends or in a self-storage unit, then another option for you is to put them in a safe. A small and secure safe that is easy to hide but also not easy to carry is ideal. When you’re far from home and traveling you want to have peace of mind. You shouldn’t have to worry about your belongings while you are away. Doing the suggestions listed above should help you reduce your worry over your belongings and fully enjoy your time away.