Here’s How You Can Create More Storage Space In Your Home

storage space at home No matter how big your home is, storage space is one thing you always find lacking. Whether it’s for putting away your winter clothes, old kids’ toys you don’t have the heart to throw away or anything else you rarely use, the list seems to always grow while usable storage space in your home keeps shrinking. With an average of 5 rooms in any home according to BBC, this seems like a paradox. However, there’s also a chance that you’re not using all the available storage space you already have as efficiently as possible. There is a number of ways you can create more storage space to fit in anything you need. In this article, we are going to share a few smart storage ideas you can use to make the much-needed storage space in your home. home garage

Use Your Garage For More Than Junk

Organize the garage! Your garage has the biggest storage potential in the entire home, yet people usually only store stuff that objectively belongs in the trash but they are too sentimental to throw away. This is a huge mistake, as the garage can be used to store everything from gym equipment, garage door parts, Christmas decorations, lawn and backyard equipment, barbecue necessities and more. Make sure you are using all the precious available storage space in your garage by adding overhead storage racks and maximizing every inch of the available space. Of course, if you’re looking to store valuable items in your garage, we would recommend that you set up an alarm system, a good lock and a sturdy garage door.

Don’t Shy Away From Storage Facilities

If you use all these tricks and still find you’re lacking storage space for some of your items, don’t be afraid to store some of it in a self storage facility equipped with enough vertical space and overhead storage racks. These specialized facilities offer a lot of storage space for items you rarely or never use, and will make sure they are stored safely and securely for you to access whenever you need them. To help you transport your stuff to the storage unit, consider hiring a Man and Van company. Storing old furniture which you no longer use? Read this comprehensive guide on hiring furniture movers

Maximize The Kitchen Space

Of all the rooms in your home, the kitchen has got to be the busiest. Therefore, functionality should be one of your primary goals when organizing your kitchen storage space. That’s why you should use as many vertical storage options as possible, using the lower racks for items you use frequently and saving the higher ones for the porcelain you only use when special guests come by. Use drawers to store dry food or food you keep in containers. Make sure you throw out stale food, dry food you’ve opened more than a few months ago.

Organizing The Bathroom

Maybe the bathroom is not as busy as the kitchen, but it is just as essential. This is the room you spend a lot of time in early in the morning and one that has the worst storage layout. Maximizing your storage efficiency in the bathroom will make your morning routine faster and easier. You can use open shelving options and baskets behind the door to maximize all available space in the bathroom. You can even use a shoe organizer on the door to store items such as hair dryers, combs and other beauty products or accessories. Also always buy the best quality products for your bathroom because you may face issues like Faucet leaks, Drain clogs, Toilet clogs, Silent leaks etc.

More Space In Your Kids’ Room

No matter how old your kids are, their rooms can be used for more than playing and studying. Carefully organizing the room, you can make more space for all their things, no matter if it’s books, toys or seasonal clothes. Adding more storage units such as bins you can also help declutter their desks.