Guide To Choosing A Self-Storage Space Company

There are over 50 million square feet of professional storage space in the UK. If you’re looking for a self-storage space company, you have over 998 companies. How should you decide which storage facility is suitable for you?

Keep reading as we discuss some of the must-have features of a self-storage space company, including security and climate control to keep your items in good condition. This is your ultimate guide to choosing a self-storage company!

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What To Look For In A Self-Storage Space

You need to know that your sensitive assets and items are safe when stored in a self-storage unit. Here, we will discuss the best technologies, features, and security to look for in a self-storage company.

24/7 Keyless Access

You need to access your storage space at any time. For this reason, lots of self-storage companies offer 24/7 keyless access.

Touchless and keyless access control systems support 24/7 keyless access. Touchless access control uses mobile technologies as digital access keys to ensure you can access your storage space conveniently without looking around for a small key. There are two common types of electromagnetic door locks used in access control technology: electric strike door locks and magnetic door strikes

You can enter your storage facility with a wave of your hand – touchless access control uses remote communication methods. When you wave your hand in front of the access control reader, this will trigger remote communication with your mobile device via Bluetooth, WiFi, and cellular. This feature of touchless access control is handy for a storage space facility, as you may enter the facility with items and boxes for your unit, which would make you unable to reach into your pocket and withdraw your mobile device.

Alternatively, if you wish to allow another person to enter your unit, you can do this using a mobile application. Keyless access control is a cloud-based system, which means that you can lock and unlock doors remotely. 

Mobile Notifications When Someone Enters Your Storage Space

Since touchless access control is cloud-based and facilitates remote management, you can receive mobile alerts when someone enters your storage space. You should store your items securely, and only users with your express permission should be able to access your storage space. Suppose you receive a notification that someone is trying to enter your storage space without permission. In that case, you can notify the storage company or the police to prevent any of your items from being stolen.

Adequate Video Surveillance

If a crime does occur at your storage facility, you will need evidence to aid in an investigation – especially if priceless personal items or valuable assets are stolen. Your self-storage insurance should cover it, but you will need to provide proof that the items were stolen. So, look for a facility with adequate video surveillance throughout the building. There shouldn’t be any blind spots for criminals to take advantage of. So, ensure the facility has worked with a professional security system installer to ensure no blind spots.

If you’re looking for a super-secure facility, you might consider looking for a facility with integrated access control and video surveillance technology. By integrating access control and video surveillance technology, the facility will be better able to verify the identity of users as they enter the building. 

A video intercom reader comes with high-definition video, and touchless access control rolled into one device. So, if someone uses stolen access credentials to enter the building, you can see who has used your access credentials. Identifying the individual will go a long way toward resolving the security breach.

Varied Unit Sizes

Your self-storage needs may not be enough to justify the purchase of a large self-storage unit. So, look for a self-storage unit with varied sizes. You don’t want to overpay for space.

Dust And Pest Prevention

You need to know that your items will be safe from dust and pests in storage. Your expensive rug wouldn’t be worth saving if it were moth-eaten, right? Look for a facility that advertises itself as dust and pest free. Your storage unit isn’t an industrial warehouse; it is simply an extension of your home storage.

Climate Control

You may have various items that you must store at the right temperature to prevent deterioration. For instance, wooden furniture might warp, and metal items might rust if the conditions are not optimal. If your things overheat or freeze during extreme weather conditions, this could cause them to deteriorate. So, look for a facility with climate control.


You’ll need adequate lighting if you need to access your storage unit during the night or dark hours in winter. Look for a facility that provides ample indoor and outdoor lighting. If it is too dark, you could injure yourself whilst carrying boxes and items in and out of the facility.

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Hopefully, this guide has given you some direction when choosing a self-storage company. Security is a top priority when selecting a storage facility, so ensure your self-storage company invests in high-quality, modern security solutions. You should also ensure your items will be kept in good condition while in storage, so look for a facility with climate control and pest prevention measures.