Garage For Rent: A Thorough Guide On Finding A Garage To Rent

garage for rent It is a well-known fact that storage space tends to be an issue for homes around the UK. Whether it be due to the sheer number of belongings you have, or just the lack of space you have in your home, it is almost a sure thing that you’ll soon be looking for some kind of space to store all your belongings.  Although there are many options available in the market, renting out a garage is one very common practice in all of the UK. Not only is it cheap self storage, but it is also versatile and convenient in terms of location and use. So, if you’re looking for a garage to rent, here are some pieces of information you should know, questions you should ask, and factors you should consider.

What Can I Rent A Garage For?

On your quest to find garages available for rent, you may have stumbled upon the fact that garages are extremely flexible and versatile. Because of its location and size, you may use one for: 

Self storage

garage for rent
Caucasian man and woman with various props at a typical commercial storage unit.
As mentioned above, whether it is a garage to rent or one attached to your property, garages are often used for domestic storage. Aside from storing old furniture, people often find garages the best place to keep unused stuff, seasonal items, belongings with sentimental value, and even just plain old junk. For moving your stuff, it might be best for you to hire professional movers. We’ve got reliable and cheap removal companies in London, Manchester, Brighton, and in 50 other cities in the UK that can help transport furniture and delicate items into the self storage facility.

Car parking

car garage for rent
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This is probably the most common use for a garage. When you live in an area with unpredictable weather, you may want to park or store your car indoors. This will prevent rusting and other damages due to the cold, hail, or anything the wind may blow towards your vehicle.  Keeping your car in secure garages will also provide it with the security that open parking spaces cannot provide entirely for your vehicle.  If you are planning on doing this, make sure to check if you will have ample space to move around your garage space. To determine if you have enough space, pull your car into the garage, open all the doors, and check if you are still able to move around freely. 

Workshop or Studio

workshop for rent
Woman working In her pottery studio. Ceramic workshop. Paint on clay cup in the pottery. Painting in pottery


Others use their garage rental as a workshop or hobby area. Carpenters and other woodwork enthusiasts often find garage spaces the perfect place to work. Artists or musicians often convert garages into their personal workspace where they can brainstorm, create, play, and display their music and art. 

Inventory/Dispatch Centre

commercial garage for rent
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Businesses, especially ones which operate online, can also find a garage with electricity to rent to use as a makeshift dispatch office inventory centre, where they can store their goods before sending them out for delivery.


Sometimes, people also use a garage to use as their man-cave, where they can just chill, hang out and relax. Meanwhile, people also often use garages as their gym, office, and many more!

What Kind of Garages Are Available For Rent?

Just like a garage connected to a home or a property, a lock up storage also has many different kinds of garages available to rent. To put it simply, such garages are often classified either by size, door type, and materials they are made of. So, be sure to find out what will best suit your needs.

Where Is This Garage Rental Located?

Location is very crucial in selecting a garage, especially so when you intend on using it as a parking garage or an extension of your home or office (i.e. workshop/studio, home gym, man-cave, etc.) And while it wouldn’t matter as much if you’re only using it to store your stuff, you still wouldn’t want it to be too far.

What Are The Terms For The Garage Rental?

Availability and Accessibility

It is always important to know that a lock up garage facility’s garage tenancy policies. Before you decide on which garage you want to rent out, make sure to ask if their units are available for long term lease. And since most lock-up garage facilities are considered private property, try to find out just how early or how late you can access your garage unit. This is very important to know, especially when your schedule does not permit you to visit your garage during regular office hours. 


As it is with other types of rentals, you have to be very particular when it comes to the terms and conditions of paying your rent. Aside from the cost, also find out if you will need to make a first month and last month deposit. Also ask if they have monthly or weekly rent payment schemes. You may also want to inquire if they offer direct debit, or if you will need to pay in cash or issue a cheque.  Additionally, inquire for business rates if you plan on using a garage as your company office or as an extension for it.  If you are renting a garage unit from your city/town council, borough council, or your respective housing associations, you may also want to inquire about special rates for residents or council tenants. Others It would also be best to find out any other questions you may think of. Is there building control? What are the Coronavirus Covid19 protocols tenants and operators should follow such as maintenance costs, or who handles the end-of-tenancy cleaning; landlord or tenant? Such questions will help you determine if the said garage unit is the one you want. Also, make sure to find out what exactly you may or may not bring into your garage unit. It is, after all, better to be safe rather than risk forfeiting your garage lease.

What Features Does The Garage Facility Offer?

Security is always of utmost importance. Find out if they offer 24/7 CCTV coverage. Do they have security gates? Are their garage doors secure? Who has access to your unit? These are all questions you should ask when looking at garages available for rent.

A Few More Tips

Aside from the ones mentioned above, there are a few more things to consider when looking at garages available to rent:

Do not settle for the first facility you see

Compare at least two garage facilities before deciding on one. This will allow you to get a sense of what is available in your area and will help you find the best value.  Also, be sure to read online reviews of any garage facility you are considering. This can give you an idea of the level of customer service and satisfaction that previous customers have experienced.

Do not discount council garages

 Council garages are in no way inferior to privately-owned garage facilities. You never know; you might just find the best fit at a council garage lot.

Be honest about what you plan on storing

Your search will be made easier if the garage facility staff knows exactly what you’ll be using the unit for. It’s important to be honest about this because some items are not allowed in storage units. For example, most facilities will not allow you to store flammable liquids or perishable food items.

Hire a man and van to transport your items

If you don’t have a van or truck to transport your belongings to the storage facility, you can always hire a man and van service. This is often more affordable than renting a vehicle for the day, and it will save you the hassle of having to drive a large vehicle yourself.

Such man and van companies are experienced and equipped to handle large items, so you can rest assured that your belongings will be in good hands. Also, check out our recommended man and van service providers in Manchester, Bristol, Birmingham, Liverpool, Brighton, and Croydon.

Consider a removals company to help you transport your belongings

As an alternative to man and van companies, a removals company can also help you move your belongings to a storage facility. Removals companies are a great option if you have a lot of large and heavy items to move, as they will have the necessary equipment and manpower to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

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