Cleaning Out Your Storage Unit: Tips and Suggestions

Cleaning out a storage unit can be an overwhelming task. Whether it’s your possessions accumulated over years or a unit of things that you acquired from someone else, sorting through the clutter can be a real nightmare. So, to make things much easier for you, we have come up with this list of tips and suggestions to help you clear through the mess and make the most out of your storage unit. 

Take Inventory

woman outside her storage unit

If you inherited a unit or perhaps won one at an auction, you will want to check out what’s inside and take inventory of what you can see. It’s still worth making a list even if it’s your own items, and to categorize the items into what you need to get rid of, what you want to keep, and what is worth selling. You should be able to see most of the items in your unit, without having to use too much elbow grease, however, if you are dealing with a really cluttered unit, you may want to skip to step two and take inventory as you go. 

Make A Space For Sorting

You will want to arrange an indoor or outdoor space with enough room to start moving and sorting your stored items. Giving yourself a little bit of room to work will help you get started with processing the stuff and should help you find all the hidden gems stored away under boxes or in nooks and crannies. If you have some larger items or have difficulty lifting and shifting heavy items, you may want to ask a friend to help or hire a man and van or removal service for some extra muscle.

Dispose of, Donate, Recycle & Store

skip bins

Once you have completed your itinerary and you’ve scoured your unit for everything inside, you will want to start sorting it out and getting rid of what you don’t want to keep or sell. Usable items can be donated to local charities or thrift stores, you can find organizations in your area that may well collect donations. You will want to make sure you sort out any rubbish into what can be recycled, it’s worth checking the local authority of your unit for what items should be recycled. When it comes to removing rubbish, you could consider hiring a skip bin for collection and removal if you have a lot to deal with. Once you have removed the unwanted items, you will be left with what you need to store or sell. 

Deep Clean

At this point, you should have a de-cluttered storage space that is most likely in need of a clean. Some storage units may well provide a cleaning service, if so, you can contact the storage manager to arrange a cleaning. If not, you can either take care of it yourself or hire a cleaning company. Doing a thorough clean of your storage space will not only make it a more pleasant and safe place to store your items, but it can also help prevent pests such as rats and cockroaches which can cause damage to your stored property. 

Store Your Items Correctly 

self storage interior with boxes and shelves

Take a bit of time to do some research and if necessary, buy the correct storage receptacles for your items. Some items may need to be temperature or humidity controlled, so purchasing the correct containers can help keep your items in good condition. Paper items or cardboard boxes can attract pests, so make sure you store them inside containers that can not be eaten or accessed by insects and rats. For furniture or upholstered items, you will want to get dust covers that will protect them from accumulated dust or damage from the environment and can prevent them from becoming home to termites and roaches. 

Don’t Forget Your Storage Unit

Woman Packing Boxes in Storage Unit

Now that your storage unit is clean and organized, don’t let your hard work go to waste. Check-in on your unit regularly, or if you are away, have someone trusted check in on it for you. Taking a visit to your unit once every one or two months will help you maintain your property, keep it clean and organized, and will alert you to any pest infestation, malfunctions with your unit, or any signs of break-in attempts. Don’t neglect your unit, a little bit of care will help give a longer life to your property. 

Cleaning out a storage unit needn’t be a nightmare, with a bit of planning, effort, and regular upkeep, you can have a safe, clean and efficient place to store your valuable possessions for as long as you need.