Moving Guide to Leicester

moving to leicester So you have finally decided to move out of your current place. What next? What is your next destination? Well, this all depends on what you want. For example, if you have determined that what you want is a different pace of life, one that does not stress you out too much, then moving to Leicester is probably the way to go. A city in the East Midlands, Leicester is great for UK residents who are ready for the fast-paced lifestyle. However, when compared to other major cities, Leicester is one of the milder options. With the excellent work-life balance, Leicester has been voted as one of the best cities in the UK To give you a bit of an insight on whether or not you should move to Leicester, here’s a brief history of Leicester, followed by a short moving guide.
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Brief Overview of Leicester

Leicester City is a landlocked area in the English Midlands. You can find Nottinghamshire to the north, Lincolnshire to the north-east, Rutland to the east, Northamptonshire to the south-east, Warwickshire to the south-west, Staffordshire to the west, and Derbyshire to the north-west.  Leicester is not only one of the largest cities in England but also one of the oldest. Dating back to the 1st century BC, Leicester started as a Celtic settlement of a local tribe, the Corieltauvi. When the Romans invaded Leicester in 47 AD, they also built a fort. It is this long history that built the foundation for Leicester.  Since then, the city developed and expanded to what we know it is today. Leicester is known for its green space. Their collective efforts for conservation and sustainable development earned them the award for Britain’s first European Sustainable City! With almost 650,000 UK residents in Leicestershire, from which 300,000 live in the city of Leicester, it has become known as one of the best places to live in the United Kingdom. So in case you’re convinced of moving to this place, it might help to check out a Removals or Man and Van in Leicester to help you move with ease. 

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Safety in Leicester

Leicester is like any other city. It is relatively safe, but you definitely need to be alert at all times. If you are planning on moving to the area for school, work, or a short visit–you should have to issues with safety. Even going out and about at night should be fine as long as you travel in small groups, practise proper safety precautions, and avoid specific neighbourhoods.  The top three types of crime in the area are anti-social behaviour, violent crime, and property damage which may include vandalism and arson. However, these are not prevalent throughout Leicester City. In fact, most of these reports are isolated to specific neighbourhoods like St Matthews, Highfields, Abbey Park, New Parks, Braunstone, Thrope Astley, Beaumont Leys, Saffron Lane, and Monsell. As long as you stay vigilant and avoid these neighbourhoods after dark, you should be fine. 

Tourist Attractions in Leicester

For the most part, Leicester flew under the radar. It was only recently when Leicester became one of the must-see places in the UK. Leicester has a lot of attractions for you to enjoy in your free time. There is a wide range of tourist destinations in Leicester — from family favourites to historic gems to cultural attractions. When you move to Leicester, you will find many wonderful things to see and experience. things to do in leicester city centre Perhaps the most famous tourist attraction in Leicester is the King Richard III Visitor Centre. It was constructed after the remains of King Richard III were discovered in Leicester. King Richard III was the King of England and Lord of Ireland from 1483 until his death in 1485. He was the last king of the House of York and the last of the Plantagenet dynasty. His defeat and death at the Battle of Bosworth Field known as the final decisive battle of the Wars of the Roses marked the end of the Middle Ages in England. The King Richard III Visitor Centre uses excellent storytelling, beautiful design and the 21st-century technology to tell the fascinating and moving story of the life, death, and discovery of King Richard III. The centre stands on the site of the medieval friary of the Grey Friars. Leicester is also kid-friendly. When you move to Leicester, your children can educate themselves at the National Space Centre. It is a museum and a great educational resource covering the fields of space science and astronomy with interactive galleries and exciting events. Located in Leicester, England, this museum brings in millions of science enthusiasts. The National Space Centre provides its visitors with over 150 interactive experiences. As the UK’s largest planetarium, you can go on a 360° full-dome experience. This family-oriented destination hosts many exciting events that your family will surely love. There are weekend events, astronomy evenings, and even real-life astronaut visits! Culture and Art enthusiasts can also spend their days off in the New Walk Museum and Art Gallery. Spend a family-friendly day out and tour the countless galleries like the: Ancient Egypt, Dinosaurs, Wild Space, the Victorian Art Gallery, Arts & Craft Gallery, Picasso Ceramics: The Attenborough Collection, and modern and contemporary art displays.

Education In Leicester

Education is a huge factor when it comes to deciding where to move. Leicester provides excellent options for all levels. One of the main draws for the city is its higher education institutions. Whether you are a student looking for a university to go to or a young professional looking to further your education, Leicester is the perfect destination for you.  The University of Leicester is a leading UK University established to international excellence through the creation of world-changing research and high quality, inspirational teaching. The University of Leicester is also the most socially inclusive of the top 20-leading universities in Britain. This university has continuously been part of the list of the Top 20 Best Universities in the UK, a testament to the high quality of education that it provides to its students. Another university in Leicester which brings in a lot of student population in Leicester is De Montfort University. Offering a wide variety of courses, De Montfort University allows its students to achieve the life, career, and great experiences they want. Rated Gold in the Teaching Excellence Framework 2017.  If you are planning on growing your family in Leicester City, you also find several schools that have Ofsted’s “Outstanding” rating. For primary schools in Leicester, you can look into the Abbey Primary Community School, Highfields Primary School, Humberstone Junior School, Willowbrook Mead Primary Academy, and the Whitehall Primary School among many others. For secondary schools, Rush Mead Academy, Soar Valley College, and Sir Jonathan North Community College fare well in Ofsted rankings. With these many options, Leicester is a family-friendly moving destination.

Transportation in Leicester

Leicester has plenty of transport links available to residents. You can walk or cycle to most places in the city centre. However, you may also opt to take public transportation. Leicester has two main bus stations: St Margaret’s Bus Station and the Hay Market Bus Station. There you can find operators that can take you anywhere in the city.  Residents can also use the Leicester railway station which is serviced by the East Midlands Railway. Since it is in such a central location, it makes it very easy for residents to get around. With this transport link, you can get to the South East, London, and other towns in the East Midlands.  Some of the railway links are to Loughborough, Nottingham, Lincoln, and Syston. There are a decent amount of students and young professionals who end up being a part of the commuter culture.  If you have your own vehicle, Leicester is well-serviced by easy access roads like Junction 21, Junction 21 A, and Junction 22. You can also get to the A6, A50, A47, and A607 along with the A426 and the A5199. With these excellent links, you can make your way to other major cities like London, Sheffield, Leeds, and Birmingham. 

Jobs In Leicester

You don’t have to worry about your professional life experiencing a downgrade when you move to Leicester. Leicester’s local economy is a part of one of the top 10 strongest economies in the UK. Since its dark days of the Credit Crunch, Leicester has emerged as one of the best places to live in long-term. In fact, according to a study that ranks cities based on a combination of factors like economic performance, personal well-being, and quality of life, Leicester ranks above the national average. The economy of the city of Leicester and the County of Leicestershire together is worth over £23.4 billion a year. Leicester also provides over 500,000 jobs and hosting over 42,000 trading businesses, most of which are in the manufacturing and logistics industry.

Cost Of Living In Leicester

Living costs is one of the major things that many residents worry about when they consider relocating. Just about everything now has a price tag. If you want to survive, you would need money to pay for the items that you will need. Another expense that you have to pay for are utilities such as electricity, heating, cooling, and water. If this is your first time to live independently, then you might be surprised at just how fast the bills can pile up. Before you decide to move to Leicester, it would do you good to research first on whether you can actually afford to live in it or not. A lifestyle where your salary is not enough for your living expenses is not something desirable. So, we have decided to compile a list of the basic living expenses in Leicester to give you an estimate on how much you might need to afford a decent life in Leicester. Unlike the busy streets of London, Leicester is considerably much more affordable. According to surveys, a single person’s cost of living without rent for a month is £638.91. Of course, when you have a family, this is multiplied. The monthly living costs for a family consisting of four people is estimated at around £2,178.75. Here are some more data from Numbeo on the living costs of Leicester compared to that of London. This list might give you more insight as to the cost of living in Leicester. Consumer Prices in Leicester are 19.12% lower than in London Consumer Prices Including Rent in Leicester are 40.70% lower than in London Rent Prices in Leicester are 68.27% lower than in London Restaurant Prices in Leicester are 18.01% lower than in London Groceries Prices in Leicester are 13.21% lower than in London Local Purchasing Power in Leicester is 21.72% higher than in London

Rent Situation In Leicester

Before you commit to moving to Leicester, you need to be able to find a place before you settle in the area. It shouldn’t be too difficult considering rent prices in the city are 68.27% lower than those in London. It is so much more affordable. Rates vary according to property types and locations. Below is a table of the average monthly rent prices in Leicester. Rent for 85 m² furnished accommodation in the city centre £882 Rent for 85 m² furnished accommodation outside of the city centre £653 Utilities for two people in an 85 m² flat (heating, electricity, gas, etc.) £157 Rent for 45 m² furnished studio in the city centre £1,177 Rent for 45 m² furnished studio outside of the city centre £506 Utilities for one person in a 45 m² studio (heating, electricity, gas, etc.) £111 If you are looking for a multiple-bedroom house to share with roommates, you can offset your rent and pay around £325- £450 instead.

Places to Live in Leicester

Are you planning on living in Leicester long-term? Invest in finding a place in the best neighbourhood to make the most out of your stay. Have your real estate agent look into homes in the very posh areas like Oadby, Stoneygate, Stoughton Drive, Knighton, and Clarendon Park. You can also find excellent options in Newton Linford, Kibworth, Wigston, Mountsorrel, Woodhouse Eves, Loughborough, and Aylestone.  Generally, most places in Leicester can be an excellent option, barring the neighbourhoods listed in the previous section. However, it is important to remember to look into areas that suit your lifestyle. You won’t want to settle in Oadby or Clarendon Park if you are looking for a bit of peace and quiet. The suburban Aylestone might be more your speed. Create your pros and cons list for your ideal residential area and look around! 

Self-Storage Facilities In Leicester

While rent in Leicester can be considered as affordable, it would still be great for you to save money when you can. Self storage facilities in Leicester are available for its residents to rent when you are looking to expand your storage options. Finding a unit has many benefits.  When you rent self-storage facilities, you can rent a smaller place. You can stay in your ideal community without having to worry about the expensive rates. It can also serve as an alternative storage option. Instead of using your usual closet, attic, or basement, you can keep your non-essential items in your unit. It makes it easy for you to clear your space for visiting guests and decluttering season.